240 Girl returns to village 1

 The villagers gave me a ride back to the village.
 They said they were worried about me because I had Douroian's egg, so they offered to take me back to the village, but I told them not to.
 I had to go back to the village and tell them about their god and this egg.

 Anyway, Lan and the others might be surprised if I suddenly came back with the egg after saying I was going to Villers.

 Holding the egg in both hands, I began to walk with Gaius and the others along the road to the village.

 This was the first time I had been away from the village for so long since it was built. I could kind of tell that nothing was going on, so it would be fine, but I hoped that nothing had happened while we were gone.
 With all the people who had gone out to explore and those of us who had gone to visit Billah and the other gods, we were short-staffed. When I got back to the village, I decided to work a lot to make up for the time I had spent with Mr. Douroian.

Lerunda, welcome back. ...... What happened to your eggs?

 As we walked back to the village, Mr. Lan, who was busy walking, noticed us and called out. When we returned to the village, Mr. Lan, who was busy walking, noticed us and called out.

 I thought that was really nice.
 When I said, "I'm home," they warmly welcomed me back. I was happy that there was such a place.

 When they smile at me and say welcome home, I feel happy that I have a place to come home to. That's why I decided to say "welcome home" to those who were out exploring when they came back.

"Mr. Lan, can I explain at home? I'm tired and so is everyone else.
Of course! Yes, I'll ask you at home. Lerunda, please go back to the house. I'll go get Miss Dong and Miss Sireva. That egg doesn't look like an ordinary egg.

 I went up the mountain, met Mr. Douroian, went down the mountain, and finally came back. As soon as I got back to the village, I felt relaxed.
 Perhaps I was more tired than I thought, partly because it was the first time I had left the village for a long trip.

 I headed home with Lilja, Kamiha and Frene.
 Gaius and the others seemed to be resting at their respective houses because they were also tired.

Lelanda, welcome back.
"GuruGuruGuruGuru, welcome back.

 The ramers knew I was back and immediately rushed to my side. The baby gryphons looked at the eggs I was holding with great interest.

You're going to eat this egg?

 Just as Yuyin said this innocently, the egg I was holding shook. Then something like magic was released from it.
 I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I'm here.

 ...... Douroian's eggs, he may already be conscious. And since it's a dragon, a demon, are you going to eat it? I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that," said the gryphon.

"Yuyin ......, are you okay? He's going to be my friend. I'm not going to eat him, so you might as well apologize.
"Guru, guru, guru, guru, guru. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

 As Yoo Yin said this, the magic power from the egg subsided.
 I wonder if it's because he's a dragon that he can manipulate magic like that even as an egg.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry...

 As Yuyin apologized over and over again, the egg moved as if to say, "It's okay if you tilt a little and apologize.
 I was relieved to see that they were happy to have a new friend, and that they would get along well after birth.

 When I returned home, I wiped myself with a towel and changed my clothes. I felt a little refreshed.
 I was tired.
 But I'm glad I went. I got to meet Mr. Drouin, learn about the gods and get some eggs.
 We'll have to discuss how to deal with the Villers, but I'm sure it won't turn out badly.

 As I was breathing a sigh of relief, Mr. Lan came back with Ms. Dong and Ms. Sireva.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Lerunda. Can I talk to you?
...... That's a big egg.
It's got a lot of magic in it. It's not just a demon egg.

 Ran, Dong and Sireva said.

 I first told them that this egg was the egg of the God of the Winged Ones. All three of them were surprised by my words.

God's egg? ....... So you got the egg, and it ended on friendly terms. That's a very good thing. By the way, what was the god after all?
"It was a dragon.

 I replied to Ran's words and told the three of them about Douroian, who opened his eyes in surprise.

 --The girl returns to the village.
 The girl, a goddess, descended the mountain and returned to the village.