241 Girl returns to village 2

 I told Mr. Lan and the others about Mr. D'Aulëan.

 What kind of dragon he was.
 What he told me about the godson.
 How he gave us the egg.

 After he told them, the three of them reacted in different ways. The one who was most excited was Mr. Lan.

He said, "A dragon! I've seen intelligent dragons in books, but I never thought they existed. I've seen intelligent dragons in books, but I didn't know they existed. And since they've lived so long, they know so much about the Divine Child! I would love to observe them and write a book about them! I also need to write a book about the divine child that Lerunda heard the dragon talking about. Oh, where should I start?
"Calm down, Lan. I know you're excited, but ......
"I didn't know there were ...... dragons on mountaintops. It's a big world.

 I'm not sure what to make of that.
 Elves are also long-lived, but even the long-lived Sireva has never met a dragon? When I think about it, the fact that I was able to meet and talk with Mr. Dourouwen might be a great thing.

"Mr. Doroian said this child can be born if you pour magic into it. He said he wouldn't mind if we made a contract. So I'll raise her. And Mr. Doroian said I could come see him again.
"Well! I'd like to see you then, too!
Yeah. It's probably okay if you ask. But there are more things we need to discuss. Mr. D'Aulën, you're their god, and they want to stay with me, the god's egg. They want to be more involved in the village.

 Mr. Lan, who had been excitedly shouting that he wanted to go to Mr. Doulouane's place, returned to a straight face at my words.

 I think it's good that Mr. Villar and the others are getting along with us.
 Getting along is a good thing. It's definitely better to get along than to fight each other. But the problem is that they have faith in the child that will be born from this egg.
 Faith is a difficult thing.
 Currently, I've managed to keep Ilum from going out of control, and Phyto-chan has managed to keep the people together.

 But I don't know if accepting Mr. Villar and the others will lead to a better direction. They can fly freely, and they can even attack us from the sky if they want to.
 The ability to fly is such a great power.
 But even if they don't intend to be hostile, they may do something we don't want for the sake of the child to be born.

 That makes me think it's difficult.

Would you like to get more involved with the village? ....... It is reassuring to know that they are on our side in the sky, but it is a difficult question. We can't afford to disrupt this village that is finally living in stability.
"Why don't we just make an agreement and relate to them like we do to our own people?
No, they're more capable of fighting than our people. They have more fighting power than our people. However, if they believe in dragons, they won't want to antagonize us explicitly. ......

 As I listened to Ran and the others talking in front of me, I decided to think about what I should do.
 What is the best way to interact with them?

 As I was thinking about this while holding the eggs, I suddenly felt sleepy.
 Even though I was in the middle of a discussion, I couldn't help but let out a small sigh.
 Perhaps my body is more tired than I think, having just returned from the mountains.

"Oh, Lelanda, are you getting sleepy? Then you can go back to sleep. You just got home and you must be tired.
"But what about the ...... discussion?
Don't worry about it. We'll take care of that. We'll take care of it. Shall I cover the eggs so they don't break?

 With kind words, Ran-san brought out a basket and a rug and placed the eggs I was carrying on it. Then he took me by the hand and led me to bed.

"Good night, Lern Da.
"Yeah. ...... Good night, Mr. Lan. ......

 I said and closed my eyes. I closed my eyes and fell asleep, listening to Mr. Lan's gentle voice.

 --The Girl Returns to the Village 2
 The girl who is a godchild consulted with the adults about the winged ones and went to sleep.