244 Girl, Minister and Magic Swordsman 3

 I've decided to help Ilm and Shehan become lovers, but I don't know how to help them.
 I've never helped anyone in a relationship before.

 Ms. Lan said that just talking to Mr. Ilum to make him like Ms. Sheehan would be effective.
 He said that since Mr. Ilum has faith in me, just being a good friend of Mr. Sheehan would increase his favorability.
 I'm not sure if it's such a simple thing, but I have to do it little by little because I don't want to get in the way by doing something unnecessary.

 But now that I've decided to help out, I've been staying closer to Ilum and Sheehan than ever before, and Sheehan has been following Ilum everywhere she goes.
 It seems like Ilum doesn't hate Sheehan, but she doesn't refuse to follow him because she doesn't want to interfere with Ilum's activities.

 Hmmm, maybe it's more like Sheehan is chasing after Ilum than I thought.
 Also, maybe she has so much faith in me that she doesn't pay attention to anything else. In that way, she may be similar to Ran, who has too strong a feeling that research is fun and doesn't pay attention to such things.

Illume doesn't seem to be aware of Sheehan.
Hmmm... I guess so.

 Now I'm peeking at Ilum and Sheehan together with Freneh.
 Just a few minutes ago, the gryphons and Sipho were also there, but they have left, as if they are not interested in people's love lives. Fresne is looking at them with amusement.

Maybe we should ask someone who knows more about people's love lives. I mean, Sheehan says he wants to be lovers with Ilum, but nothing is out of the ordinary.
...... What do I have to do to become a lover?
What? I'm a genie, I don't know anything about people's love lives.
I know. ......

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm not sure what to do if I'm a child and I don't know anything about love, or if I'm a spirit and I don't know anything about love.

 I'm not sure if there's anyone I can talk to about it. I don't know who I should talk to about this, but I don't think Ran is interested in it either.
 Should I ask Mr. Dong? Maybe you can ask someone who's married. Oh, but I can't tell too many people about Mr. Sheehan's feelings. Mr. Sheehan didn't want me to tell anyone else. I wonder who I should ask.

 So, after much deliberation, I went to the medicine man, Mr. Zechi.

"Mr. Sheehan told Mr. Ilum. If you want Mr. Sheehan to be conscious of Mr. Ilum, you should do something about that outfit.

 Sheehan-san is a magic swordsman, and he wears armor, and I think it's cool.
 I don't really have any thoughts about that. .......

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
Is that so?
Yes. Lerunda, let me know if you find someone you like.

 If you find someone you like, let me know," Zechariah said with a smile.

Let's make some clothes for Mr. Sheehan. If you wear feminine clothes and let your hair grow long to make you look more feminine, Ilum might be interested in you. I'll have to think about that, though. .......
 Also, maybe it's because you've never been in a relationship before, but you should try to do something about it. You should make an effort to make people like you.
"You're going to make an outfit for Mr. Sheehan? That sounds like fun. You're tall, so you'll look good in many things.
"Yes. Let's make it and give it as a gift.

 So we decided to make clothes for Mr. Sheehan. Mr. Zesihi said he would help us with the work.

 I wondered if I should dress her up in something cute to make her more aware. I wonder if people become lovers while doing such things.
 I don't know what love is, so I thought I'd like to ask some people and find out what it is like.

 After that, I went to talk to Mr. Sheehan about making clothes, and he looked at me with a "huh" look, as if he had never dressed like that before.
 Frené told me that it would be difficult if I didn't dress like that, and I reluctantly accepted it. She was a little embarrassed to have to dress like that, though.

 I'm looking forward to seeing Sheehan's cute outfit because it will give me a different impression.
 Let's do our best to make clothes together.

 --The Girl, the Priestess, and the Magic Swordsman 3
 A girl who is a priestess decides to make clothes for the love of a magic swordsman.