245 Girl, Minister and Magic Swordsman 4

I didn't know Mr. Sheehan was in love with Ms. Ilum.
Kayu. Shhhh. Sheehan doesn't want people to know about it.

 Right now I'm making Mr. Sheehan's clothes with some people from the village. I don't know where they got the idea, but Kayu and Shinomi have joined us.
 Kayu seems to like talking about her love life and her voice is very lively.

 As for their roles in the village, Kayu and Shinomi mainly help with the hunting. Kayu, in particular, spends most of her time hunting. Shinomi, on the other hand, does a lot of cooking and sewing.

 Incidentally, this is a sewing factory in the village. This is a sewing factory in the village, and we are using part of it to make Sheehan's clothes. The people at the sewing house have been kind enough to lend me their space.

Are you in love, Lelanda? Please tell me if you are. I'll do my best to support you.
"Hmm... I don't know.
Why don't you think about yourself, Kayu?
You mean you? Are you in love with someone?

 I stop my hand and look at Kayu.
 From what Shinomi said, it seems that Kayu is in love with someone. She's my friend and I didn't know it. I'm shocked, but I'm excited to support Kayu if she's in love.

"...... Well, Lelanda, don't tell anyone, okay?
Yeah. Of course.
"...... Lerunda.

 Kayu turned her head to the side, embarrassed, and whispered.
 Her ears and tail were twitching, and I thought it was cute. Seeing her reaction makes me want to touch her just a little bit. I know I shouldn't, so I won't. .......

 I didn't realize that you liked Rilid. I didn't notice that at all.
 Kayu and Ririd... I can't help but imagine them getting married someday.

 I didn't think anything would change, even though I've grown taller since we met. But this is how I think our relationship is gradually changing.
 I realized that this is how we are gradually becoming adults.

Good luck, Kayu. I'll support you.

 Kayu nodded her head to my words.

 After that, I worked hard at making clothes for a while.
 During that time, Rion and Yuyin, who liked to make things, came to see me from time to time, but the other gryphons didn't seem to be that interested in clothes.
 But I guess that's because they're all demons and don't wear clothes. But I wonder if it would look good on the gryphons if they were to wear clothes.

 Mr. Sheehan is chasing Mr. Ilum very hard. He follows her and stays close to her.
 I know that Mr. Sheehan doesn't hate Mr. Ilum, but...
 She said that romantic feelings are not something that can be controlled by other people. So no matter how much you love someone, you can't be sure that they will return your love.

 So no one knows what will happen to Mr. Sheehan's love. I hope it will work out.

 With that in mind, I brought Mr. Sheehan some freshly made clothes.

"Mr. Sheehan, here.

 I took the clothes to Mr. Sheehan.
 When Mr. Sheehan saw the clothes, he was shocked.

"I'm going to wear these feminine clothes?
You should wear it. It will make you look more feminine.

 I nodded with a smile and told Fresne to wear it too.
 I gave Mr. Sheehan a white shirt and a pink skirt. It was made from materials found in the forest. I've also prepared shoes and a jacket.
 Shehan doesn't usually wear this kind of clothing, so I thought it would change her mood.

"......, I'll take this.
Just put it on.

 You've probably never dressed like this before. Sheehan was grumbling about the idea of wearing this kind of clothing, but Fresne told him off and he went to change.

 As I waited excitedly to see how it would turn out, Mr. Shehan came back.

"Wow. ......

 He always wears armor, so the atmosphere was completely different when he was dressed like this.
 She looked nervous, her face was red, and she appeared slowly. A little cute.

 I thought she would be even cuter if she had better hair.
 So I called up Kayu and Shinomi. The two of them are looking at her changed appearance, squealing with delight and discussing how to make her prettier from here.
 They seem to be having fun.

 I'm not that sure. I wonder if I'll be into love when I'm older.

"Mr. Sheehan, I'm going to wear your hair like this! I wish my hair was longer so I could wear it in different ways. If my hair was longer, I could do a lot of different hairstyles, but I'm sure I could make it shorter and still look cute.
"Oh, yes.
Mr. Sheehan, let's get a hairpiece. You'll look so pretty with it.
Oh, yes.

 Ms. Sheehan was being pushed by Kayu and Shinomi. When I saw that they were both very motivated, they said, "Come on, Lelanda," so I joined them in making Ms. Sheehan even prettier.

 --The Girl, the Priestess, and the Magic Swordsman 4
 (A young girl tries to make a swordsman in a pretty dress prettier.