247 Cats and visitors

 The civil war in the Kingdom of Migga continues. Slaves are revolting and demanding their freedom.
 Under such circumstances, those who are used by humans as slaves are treated badly. The slaves are revolting, and as a result, the treatment of their captors is worsening. So from the inside I want to help them.

 The enslaved generally have lifeless eyes. They've given up on looking forward because of the despair of being captured by humans. I guess I'm unusual in that situation, moving like this.
 To be honest, I feel like my heart is about to break. The Seventh Prince has also gone missing. The missing Seventh Prince is not even known to be alive or dead. There's no one around who knows my intentions under such circumstances. I can't let the princes and nobles know my dangerous intentions.

 As for the Seventh Prince, I somehow believe that he is not dead ....... I have a strong feeling that he is alive and doing something about it. Sometimes I am tormented by the feeling that it would be easier to give up. But I don't want to give up on this situation.
 --To the rebels, I'd look like the enemy. The lady likes me, but I have many enemies. Well, it seems that she recognizes me as a slave who will not betray her, since I rescued her when she could have run away.

"Hmm, Dascha has a really beautiful face.
Thank you.

 Mistress still likes my face. Since I saved her, she seems to have forgiven me even more, or rather, to be in love with me.
 Although there is no physical relationship, I can see that she wants to have such a relationship. To be honest, if such a situation arises, this young lady will lose her usefulness as a noblewoman.

 If this young lady loses her value as a noblewoman, she won't be able to move like this. So no matter how much she wants to, she will never do that. Even without that, I wouldn't want to do such an act with someone I don't even like.

 You pretend to like the young lady while being nice to her, trying to make your position as good as possible.
 Every time I play myself like that, I feel like I'm getting dirtier. I can't imagine the life I had when I was living peacefully in the beastman village. I haven't seen my mother and sister after all. I hope they're still alive.

 Even with the rebels' civil war going on, the power of the princes and nobles is strong. No matter how many rebels increase their numbers, no matter how many slaves they free, the country has the power to overwhelm them. That's how powerful a country can be.
 In addition, I've never met the king of Migga, but he's a man who shows no mercy to those who rebel. That's what the lady said. She's only met the king once. She had an audience with him as a noblewoman. And from what the lady's parents have told her, she knows the king is like that.

It's sad for Dascha. That these beastmen would turn their swords on us. I am sad too. I would not kill a beastman like Dascha if I could help it. I can keep him well, I'll try to negotiate with your father if I can keep him and not kill the rebels.

 Laughing, the young lady did not doubt that her country would win against the rebels. The rebels are only rebels, and they are insignificant to the royalty and nobility. Although the house was attacked, for the lady, they should be suppressed immediately.

 ...... I don't want it to be suppressed. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm not sure what to do.

 Thanks to the lady, I was able to make some acquaintance with the nobles, but ......, what should I do to work more for the beastmen?
 While I was thinking about this, an unexpected person came to visit me.

 Night. --I was asleep in the house when the sky darkened. Then there was a knock at the door.
 I'm on the third floor. I was asleep in a room near the lady's room, but I was startled and looked at the window.

 --There he was, the dragon clan.

 He was so startled that he almost shouted, but managed to stop himself. If I scream and this dragon tribe gets killed, I'm not going to wake up.

"What are you doing here?
"Don't get so defensive. I didn't come here to attack you. I came here because I'm interested in you.

 The dragon clan said and looked straight at me. He says he's interested in me.
 --And he talks to me.

"Now, what are you thinking about?

 And he talks to me.

 --The cat and the visitor.
 The cat doesn't dare to run away, but stays where he is. (The cat does not dare to run away, but stays where it is.) It is begging for love from the lady, but is moving for its own purpose. A visitor comes to the scene.