254 Girl and egg 2


 His black eyes turn to me. It's cute how he curiously cocks his head when he sees me.
 Mr. D'Aulëan could speak, but this newborn child doesn't seem to be able to speak human language.
 But if she possesses Douroian's knowledge, will she be able to speak soon?
 Oh, but if she makes a contract with me, then I'll be able to have a conversation with her.

 I approached the child. The little dragon stares at me and doesn't look away. It's still small enough to hold in my hands.
 But a dragon is still a dragon. I think she's probably stronger than me. The gryphons are looking at the little one with trepidation.

"...... I'm Lelunda. How much do you remember? I got you from Mr. Doroian.

 He said he knew a lot, but I don't know how much he really knows. First of all, I thought that she must be confused to be surrounded by so many people so soon after her birth.
 I would be surprised if I were surrounded by so many people as soon as my vision opened up.

 So I smiled at her to show her that I wasn't an enemy. I'm not afraid. I don't have a bad feeling about this little dragon.

"So I hope you'll be friends with me.

 The little dragon squeaked emphatically at my words.
 Is this supposed to be an acknowledgement? With that in mind, I called out to the little dragon.

If you don't mind, I'd like to name it and make a contract with it. If you don't want to, that's fine. ....... If you can make a contract, you can go to ...... and we can talk.
If you don't like it after you sign it, you can cancel it, okay?

 If you don't like it, Mr. Drouin said, this child in front of you, the alter ego, can force you to cancel the contract.
 So I'll say it.
 The little dragon made a thoughtful gesture. Perhaps it was recalling Mr. D'Aulëan's memories. Even if he had knowledge, he wouldn't be able to think quickly if he was just born.

 As I was thinking that it would be better to let him think more slowly before deciding whether or not to sign the contract, the little dragon approached me.

 Then it purred and held out its little paws to me.

"Well, are you going to sign the contract?
Are you sure you're okay?

 He held out his paw as if he wanted to make a deal.
 I checked a few times, but he seemed to be okay, so I opened my mouth.

"Well, your name is Doonaea. Nice to meet you.

 As soon as I said that, the contract seemed to be made, and the magic power drained from my body. I feel like I'm losing a lot more magic than I did with the gryphons and Frenais.
 But somehow, I managed not to lose consciousness. I guess that's what you call a dragon.

"Pikiiiiiiiiiiiii. That's a good name.

 When I heard the ...... voice, the most surprising thing was that the first person was me.
 Was it because I was an alter ego of Mr. D'Aulëan? No, but Douroian's first name was me. Is that the nature of Doonaea?

"Can I hold her?
"Piki! (Good)

 He agreed, so I held her body. It's pretty heavy for a newborn. But the scales are so smooth and comfortable. I couldn't help stroking it.

 Then, as I held Doonaea in my arms, I looked around and saw Mr. Biller on his knees. And she's crying. I was surprised to see that she was crying .......

I said, "Oh, my God. ......... I can't believe I'm here ...... to witness the birth of God.
"What the heck?
...... Doanea, I'll explain everything to you about Biller and the others, so don't worry about it for now.

 The newborn Doanea may have knowledge, but I'm sure there are many things she doesn't understand. Then, I'll take the time to explain to her that all of the Villers are like this.
 I don't want her to think she's a god and get into trouble.

I'm going to take Doonair home, Mr. Villar. I want to tell Ran and the others about it and have a talk with them.
"I see. ......, I see.

 Her voice was tearful as she replied.

I'm coming with you.
"I'm coming with you." "We're coming with you.

 It seems that Gaius and the gryphons are heading to my house with me.

 As for Mr. Villar, ...... Oh, Mr. Illume came to me and said, "I understand. When you have a god-like being in front of you, you will feel that way. When Lerunda was in front of me, I felt the same way.
 ...... Sheehan and the other beastmen are here, so can I leave it to you? I bowed a little to Sheehan, who looked at me, as if to say thank you. He nodded, and I carried Doonaea with me as I headed home.

 --The Girl and the Egg 2
 The girl who is a godchild has made a contract with a small dragon.