253 Girl and egg 1

 Now I'm putting magic into the eggs Mr. Douroian gave me.
 A big, big egg.

 The egg is moving from time to time, and I'm excited to see what kind of child will be born.

 As I put magic into it, I remember the time when I was putting magic into it all the time in order to revive the Spirit Tree.
 At that time, the purpose was to revive the Spirit Tree, but now I'm putting in magic for the purpose of hatching the eggs.

 Hurry up and hatch it.
 Such a warm feeling spreads deep in my heart.

Lelunda, you look happy.
"I wonder what kind of baby will be born.

 I put magic power into the egg, and the gryphons around me are shouting happily.

 Surrounded by gryphons, I cast my spell under the tree. Mr. Biller is watching the scene. They are watching here, hoping to catch the moment when the eggs hatch.

 It's a beautiful day today.
 It's fun to relax in the warm sunshine.

 Surrounding me are Rion, Luma, and Lema. All three of them are happy and excited. I'm excited too.

 And I've already decided what I'm going to name my newborn.

 I don't know if it's going to be a girl or a boy, but I'm hoping it'll be a good name for either of them, so I've been thinking about it with my contractors.

 The name we decided on is Doonea.
 It's not easy to name a child, so I went with my gut feeling, but when I told the egg the name, it shook lightly and seemed happy, so I don't think it's a problem.
 If it didn't like it, it would have resisted even harder.

 Mr. Douroian said that I could make a contract with it, but I wondered if the unborn child would want to make a contract with me.
 Mr. Doroian said that I can force him to cancel the contract if I don't like it, but if he acts like he doesn't want to sign the contract from the start, I might be depressed.

 The thought of that makes me nervous.

"What kind of girl do you think Lelanda is?
"Hmm, I don't know. I don't know. But I'm happy with any girl. She's a new friend.

 We won't know what she's like until she's born. You said that even if it's an offshoot of Mr. D'Aulën, it's not the same being.
 I'm going to visit Mr. Doroian when I'm born. He says I'm not a child, but I'm sure I'm like a child, and I'm sure Mr. Doroian would like to see me.

Hey, Gaius, what's going on?
I heard Lelunda was putting in her magic, so I came to see. I've got some free time on my hands.

 While I was talking with the gryphons, Gaius came.
 Gaius seems to be interested in the child that will be born from this egg, and he often comes to see me when I'm casting a spell.

I wonder what kind of person will be born.
"I'm looking forward to it. Gaius, be good to him, okay?
Yeah. Sure.

 Gaius smiles at me. Gaius's gentle smile is reassuring.
 There are some things that have changed since we met, but I think Gaius' gentle smile will never change. When I think of it, it makes me happy and I smile too.

"What's wrong?
What's wrong?" "I just thought I liked Gaius's smile.
....... Don't say that out of the blue.

 Oh, Gaius is embarrassed.
 I'm not sure what to do with it.
 I've stroked the body of Gaius in his wolf form, but I haven't touched his ears and tail. I wonder if it's more comfortable to touch than before.

 I'm tempted to stare at it, but I shake my head no, and focus on the egg that's holding the magic power.

 The egg is cold to the touch. Keep pouring magic power into it.
 After pouring a certain amount of magic into the egg, I decided to stop pouring magic into it for today.

 I was thinking that, but something unexpected happened.

 I heard a snapping sound.
 Startled, I looked at the egg. Not only me, but everyone around me is staring at the egg.

"It's cracked. ......

 There was a crack in the egg. No matter how much magic I put into it, it never cracked. Or perhaps it means that it will be born soon.

 As I thought this, the crack gradually widened.

 Oh, it's coming, I realized. I put more magic into it.
 Then the cracks widened more and more, and the being inside the egg finally appeared.


 The being cried out, its dark eyes moving in wonder at the first sight of the outside.
 The being was covered in black scales. It was small, but it already had wings. But it will have to grow even bigger to fly. The fangs in its mouth weren't sharp yet.

 There was a small dragon.

 --The Girl and the Egg 1
 (The egg hatched when the childish girl put magic into it.