252 Girl and Wings 2

 One day, I'll fly with Mr. Ran in my arms.
 With that goal in mind, I'm up in the sky using my magic wings.

 I don't want to lose my wings on the way, so Sifo and Biller are right beside me.

"Beautiful wings. You're a god-fearing girl.

 Mr. Biller seems to have become kinder than before since I learned to make wings.
 I don't know. Originally, Villers were divided into those who could fly and those who couldn't. That's why they seem to be happy that I'm not only getting along with Mr. Douroian, but that I'm able to make wings.

 I'm sure he's happy to be friends with Mr. Villar and the others. I just have to make sure they don't go crazy over the egg.

 By the way, I've been putting magic into the egg every day, but there's no sign of it hatching yet. It does occasionally move inside the egg, though. I wonder what kind of child will be born? Will it be just like Douroian's?

 It is possible to form wings and float, but it is quite difficult to use both the magic to fly and the magic to form wings, as I have always done. The wings were made to help you fly, but magic is still difficult.
 Fresne said that I'm good with wind magic, so I'm doing pretty well with it.

 Gaius has also been practicing flying. Recently, he has been able to float in the sky even in wolf form. It seems that if you control it well, you can fly as a wolf.
 Mr. Biller was surprised to see Gaius change into a wolf, but he said, "I've heard of wolves that can run in the sky. I've heard of wolves running the skies in folklore, and if I can become one," he said with some excitement.

 If I could be like that," he said with a bit of excitement. ......Lore of the wolf in the sky, huh? I was curious, so I decided to ask him about it. We're both practicing to fly right now, you know.

 I mean, both Gaius and I can fly, and Raymar can fly from the start. So I wonder if Phyto can do something related to flying.
 I'm a bit hopeful, but if I say something and she can't do it later, she might get depressed, so I'll let her practice her dance for now.

"Your wings don't flap, do they?
I think it would change things if I could flap them, but ......, these wings are made with magic, so it's difficult.

 For Mr. Villar, maybe he doesn't understand how difficult it is to make them flap because they have been a part of his body since birth. And she doesn't understand, and I don't understand.

 When I feel this way, I think that I sometimes make people feel this way because I am a child of God.
 The magic of the wings made me realize that fact again.

I don't know, I don't have wings.
"How does a Sifo fly?

 I hadn't paid attention to the fact that Skyhorse flies, because it was an obvious fact.
 Sifo has no wings, right? I wonder what kind of principle it uses. I wonder if it would make it easier for Gaius to fly. I think it's the same way that Gaius flies as a wolf.

"Hee hee hee.
"Hmm, I see.

 I wonder if Skyhorse and Villers have it instinctively engraved in their heads that they can fly by themselves.
 It may have been different when they were young, but by the time they remembered, it may have been natural for them to be able to fly.

 We should learn more about this.
 Sifo and I have been together since we were picked up, but there are still things we don't know. That's strange, but I think it's fun to learn new things.

For now, I'm going to let it flap its wings on the ground. I don't want to lose my wings when I reach my limit. For now, I'm going to go higher.

 To go a little higher. Focus on that.
 Formulate your magic and move up. It's hard but I'm getting higher.

 I'm going up little by little because I was able to make these wings.

 Wouldn't it be nice to go higher and higher? That's what I'm thinking, and I'm going higher and higher.
 As I climbed higher and higher, my wings disappeared.


 I shouted, and at the same time, I fell down.
 Sifo and Mr. Biller caught me while I was surprised.

Lern Da, be careful.
"I'm surprised to see your wings suddenly disappear. ......

 Sifo's voice sounded worried, and Biller's relieved.

 I was falling so fast that my heart was racing.
 No matter how much you think you might be able to go higher and higher, you shouldn't push yourself too hard with the feeling you just created. I was so happy to be able to go up and up on ...... that I had lost sight of the obvious.

"Sorry, thanks. Sifo, Mr. Biller.

 I said, and Sifo put me on his back. After that, I went down to the ground quietly.
 Gaius ran up to us and said, "Are you okay? Gaius came running up to us.

 I'm sorry I made you worry. I'll have to be careful from now on. .......

 After that, I practiced to handle the wings well, being careful not to worry people around me.
 While I was spending those days, the egg finally hatched.

 --The Girl and the Wings 2
 (The girl, a child of the gods, repeatedly practices moving her wings.