251 Girl and Wings 1

"They're beautiful wings. Hmm.
You look happy, Mr Ran.
It's fun. Lerunda has so many new things to show me.

 After I created the wings, I went home with Mr. Lan. After I created the wings, I went back to the house with Mr. Lan and made them with magic.
 If you stand in front of a mirror, you can see the white wings.

 It's a strange feeling. I wished to fly freely in the sky and the wings took shape. I didn't have wings to begin with, but now I have them. I can move them if I want to.
 This is to help me fly, so there is no problem even if I don't flap my wings, but if I try to flap my wings, will it open up new possibilities?

 However, since it is a form of magic, it consumes a lot of magic power. It will be difficult to use it for a long time. Its usage is still unknown.
 However, if I could use this wing better, I would be able to move more for the benefit of everyone.

Please let me know how it goes. I want to keep a record of every little thing about Lerunda.
"Yes. I will.
I want to make a new picture book. I'd like to make a new picture book, and I'd also like to make a more adult version of the book. I also want to make a new picture book. I also want to make a textbook at that time. In order to do that, we need to make this place more like a city or a country. ....... I'm also going to continue my research on the godson ...... mumble mumble.

 Oh, Mr. Ran has gone into his own world again.
 I like the fact that you are not afraid of what you really want to do. I like that about you.

 I'll try to move my wings a little. ...... Surprisingly, it was difficult to move them. It's a wing connected by magic, so you have to move the magic to make it look like it's flapping.
 It is natural that it is difficult because it is not a part of the body like Villers.

 Still, perhaps it is because it is a magic that took shape after I met Biller and his friends, but it looks a little like the one that grows on their backs. I wonder if my inner image has been solidified in such a way.

"Guru guru guru (wings, awesome).

 The ones looking at my wings with sparkling eyes are the baby gryphons, Lema and Luma.
 Both Lema and Luma have grown since I met them. I guess they'll get bigger and eventually become adults.

"Yes. Be gentle. If you startle me, I'll break the spell.

 Lema and Luma are sitting on the floor with their beaks and wings close to my wings, squealing with delight.
 They're so fluffy. I put my hand behind my back and touch it a little.

 It's a little fluffy. I didn't consciously think about making it fluffy, but I wonder if it's also a result of my image.
 It's hard to touch because it's on my back, but it's fluffy and comfortable enough. I wonder if it consumes a lot of magic power because it's so fluffy. I've been thinking about it for a while now, and I guess my magic power has gone down a lot, and my wings have disappeared.

"It's all gone.
"Hey, I'm low on magic. I can't do this for long because it uses a lot of magic.

 She exhaled, sat down and hugged Luma and Luma tightly.
 While I was relaxing with Luma and Lema like this, Ran-san, who had been mumbling, finally came to his senses.

I'm sorry. Lerunda, Luma and the others are at .......
"Okay, Mr. Lan.

 I said, and he smiled gently.

Lelunda, let's keep studying what we can do with those wings, what possibilities there are. It would be a great help.
"Since Lernda is under the influence of the sky gods, I'm sure she'll be able to fly more freely. That's very impressive. I don't have that kind of power, so it's even more impressive.

 I am under the influence of the sky gods. I'm influenced by the sky gods, and that's why I can fly more freely, Lan said with conviction.

When I can fly more, I want to fly ......, and when I grow up, I want to fly with you. Then, even if you can't fly yourself, you'll be flying.
That sounds like a lot of fun. Yes, it would. When Lelunda can fly more and can carry me, I'll ask you to do it.
Yeah. I'll do my best. I want to see the view from the sky with you.

 I have a goal now.
 If I can fly better and grow bigger I want to fly with you in my arms.

 I'm just a kid, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it when I'm older.

 I'm looking forward to growing up.

 --The Girl and the Wings 1
 A girl dreams of flying with a woman in her arms.