250 Girl, I want to fly more freely in the sky.

 Bill and his friends arrived just a few days after we told them what to do.
 I think they really wanted to see the eggs hatch.

 When I first met them, they were attacking people of my tribe.
 He said he was curious about my existence. I'm glad that someone who never called me by my name is calling me by mine, and I'm glad that he's looking forward to seeing the eggs hatch, whatever his feelings are.

 Right now, I'm being carried by Mr. Biller, who is taking me to a higher place than I can fly.
 It's a different feeling than flying on the backs of gryphons.

 Mr. D'Aulën said.
 I'm the son of the god who controls the flying.

 That's why the gryphons were kind to me from the start, and why Biller and the others took notice of me. Then I thought I could fly more and more freely.

 For a human, you seem to be able to use wind magic well. I've heard that many humans can't use magic like you. But I wondered, it would be nice to be able to fly more freely.

 Besides, I think I'd understand them better if I could do the same with the new people who might join us.
 I want to understand them and get to know them.
 I'm not the same as everyone else because I have the power of the Divine Child, but I can still try to understand them.

 Even higher than where I usually fly.
 The view from up there looks a little different.

 Mr. D'Aulën had big wings.
 I wonder if he can fly with those big wings and that big body. I wonder if the sky looks different from his point of view.

"Lelunda, aren't you afraid of heights?

 Raymer is standing right beside me, looking worried.

"Yeah. I'm fine.
 Mr. Villar, I'm going to try to knead my magic and see if I can get up here.

 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to use it. I'm not sure if it's the same thing, but I think it's the same thing.

 I wonder if it would be easier to fly if I had wings like those with wings. Wings to fly freely in the sky--.

 As I was pondering this, Phyto-chan was dancing at my feet. She's helping me to knead my magic.
 Phyto-chan is cheering me on. Raymer, Biller and the others are watching over me. Then it's okay to be a little reckless.
 Do what you want, and if it doesn't work, just try again.

 I conclude, and knead the magic within my body.
 --I wondered what I would need to fly freely in the sky, and I thought it would be the wings that everyone flying around me had.

 I wondered what magic could do.
 --I had heard about what magic could do, but I wondered if I could manipulate this magic to change into the form I wanted.

 I felt that possibility, so I kneaded my magic.
 Consciously, I knead the magic, and shape it into the form I want.
 That's all I'm concentrating on.

Guru (this is ......)
Oh, .......

 I can feel the magic forming on my back. When Mr. Biller, who was holding me, saw this, he thought it was okay and let me go.
 So I don't fall.

 If I turn my head back a little, I can see what looks like a white wing on my back.
 It's something I formed with magic. The thing that is connected from my back by the power of magic.
 I created them as an aid to flying, and imagined that they would be able to fly just by existing without flapping their wings. Perhaps it was because Phyto-chan assisted me, but the idea took shape as magic.

 I'll check it out later in front of a river or a mirror. I can't see it from where I am.

It's done.

 I laughed, happy that I could do what I thought I could do.

"Is this magic?
"Yes. You don't do magic, do you, Biller?
No. Not many of us do. But they can fly. ......

 It feels strange to be flying under my own power and talking to each other from such a high place.
 It feels like a new experience, and it's kind of fun.

"Lelunda, you're amazing.
"Lelunda. What's with the wings? It's amazing. Let's talk about it!

 I mean, Mr. Ran was right next to my feet before I knew it, and he was so excited to see my wings.
 I think Mr. Ran really likes to learn new things and things he doesn't know. Mr. Biller gave me a look of disgust, saying "...... is too exciting.

 Since Mr. Ran was excited, I went down to the ground, thinking that I could now fly higher than before.

 --Girl, I want to fly more freely in the sky.
 (The girl wants to fly freely in the sky and forms her wings with magic power)