249 Responding to girls and those with wings


 Mr. Sheehan is chasing after Mr. Ilum today.
 I don't know what it is, but since I confessed my feelings to him, he seems to have become even more aggressive. He seems to be working on dressing up with the young beastmen.

 I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen. Also, Kayu's love.
 I'm happy that everyone is happy. Because I think it's better to be happy than sad. But I'll have to make sure I don't say too much to Mr. Illume: .......

 Also, I've been pouring magic power into the egg, but there's no sign of it being born yet.
 I can see that it's moving a little, but... I hope it will be born soon.

 Well, what I'm doing today is that Dong said he was going to tell me how he was going to get involved with the Villers, so I'm coming to the forest with him.

 The Villers had asked him not to come here for a while. They said they haven't decided what to do with us yet. The winged ones seem to be wondering what's going to happen, and I've seen them flying near the village from time to time. I'm not sure if it's my ability as a godson or not, but it still seems like I can't get to them when they try to come to me.

...... So, can we get involved?

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
 I still think it's nice to be able to fly freely. I want to be able to fly as freely as Mr. Biller and the others.

We've talked about it, but it's still hard to trust them completely. However, I understand their faith. The one they love like a god left his eggs in Lelanda. So I understand their desire to be involved. That's why I'm willing to allow ...... to get involved little by little.
"Little by little?
Yeah. It's hard for me to think of you as a full-fledged friend. Our village is still in the process of being set up. We don't want to provoke the village. So I'll allow one or two of you to live in the village. However, if you cause any harm to us, you will be asked to leave the village immediately.
"...... That's fine. As long as you stay with God.

 Our village is not organized enough to accept so many people.
 Although it is stabilizing, we still need more people and the problems of the people from the Migga kingdoms who came to our village have not been resolved.

 If the village had enough power to accept all of this, there would be no problem. Even so, the reality is that things don't work that easily.

 However, in order to make the village bigger, they are talking about rebuilding more houses, including those of ethnic groups who live a little further away.
 If Dong and his friends can trust Bira and his people more, they will be able to accept them into the village.

 At the moment, the people who have gone out to explore haven't returned yet, and the people of the village are on the edge.

Then let me and one other person go there. If you're going to visit instead of live there, can I have at least one more person?
"Yes. That's fine if you don't want to live there. What kind of house do you want?
...... I'd prefer something higher.
Would you like to be up in the trees like the elves? Or maybe you'd like to see the village and decide where you'd like to build. It's just that... Depending on where you want it, it may be difficult to build.
That's right. That would be great. When do you want me to come to you?
Tomorrow will be fine. By the time the house is finished, you'll be living in another house.
Then we'll fly nearby when we're ready. You'll never find the village.

 I listened to Mr. Dong and Mr. Biller's conversation with Sipho, who had come with them.

...... Lelunda, how are the eggs?

 Mr. Biller, who was talking with Mr. Dong, turned to me. He seemed a little itchy when he was talking to Mr. Dong, but I guess he wanted to know about the eggs.

"The eggs haven't hatched yet.
"I see. I'd like to be there when they are born, so let's get there as soon as possible.

 Mr. Biller seemed relieved.
 Oh, I see. The moment of birth is also an important moment for them, as they consider Mr. Douroian to be special.
 A moment they don't want to miss.

 I don't understand the feeling of faith, but I do understand the feeling of wanting to be present at the moment of birth of a precious being.

 When Wetani's child was born, I was touched by the birth of life.
 I'm sure I'll feel the same emotions when she is born.

 A dragon given to me and born by my magic.
 --He'll be special to me.

Yeah. I understand. I'm looking forward to seeing Biller and the others in the village.

 Mr. Biller smiled when I said that.

 --Dealing with the girl and the winged ones

 The girl talks to the winged ones. . and looks forward to their coming.