256 Prince and Rebellion 3

 I was still trying to get by in the rebel ranks. --That's how I rolled the dice. I joined the rebellion.

 --I joined the rebels because I wanted to change this country.
 I don't regret it, but when I join the rebellion, I realize how helpless I am. At times like this, I'm reminded of the reprimand Nina gave me.

 Nina told me that if I didn't move, there was nothing I could do.
 Nina was the one who gave me the strength to act, even though I had always chosen to be my father's puppet.

 Nina said that if she had as much power as me, she could act. But I haven't been able to act as Nina had hoped.
 If she saw me now, she might be disappointed in me. She might be disappointed in me for joining the rebellion and not being able to get results.

 I'm going to change this country by taking care of my father and brother.
 I've decided to do so, but I'm still stuck.

 The first was a group of men who had recently joined the rebel army.
 Surprisingly, they said they were Nina's men. They told me secretly. Of course, I told them to go back to Nina now, because I couldn't involve her, but they didn't listen.
 They said that their master was Nina and that they were here on Nina's orders. They said that they would work so that no one but me would know that they were related to Nina, and that they would remain loyal to Nina even if it meant losing their lives.

 Both they and Nina, who gave her life for them, have already made up their minds. Even if she had to fall from her current position with me, she would not mind.

 I didn't want to involve Nina in this.
 I wanted Nina to cut me off.
 --But it seems she won't leave me alone.

...... I wanted her to cut me off.

 Although I meant what I said, there is a part of me that is glad that Nina reached out to me despite the danger. If I really cared about Nina, I'd have to force her away right now. --If I really cared about Nina, I would have to force her away right now.

Ninaef is reaching out to you because she cares about you. Mr. Hiccup may think that he has dragged Mr. Ninaev into this, but that is not true. It was Ninaev himself who got involved in Hiccup's situation.
"Mr. Ninaev understands his position. Even so, he could not abandon Master Hiccup.

 Oh. What a fool! --How foolish of him to reach out to me, to take my side when I'm disobeying the decision of the king of Migga.
 But it's me who's the fool. My heart rejoices at the fact that Nina cares for me, and that she's not going to cut me off and get involved with me.

 --Oh, Nina. I can't let you get into trouble too. So I must succeed in this rebellion. And if I fail, I have to make sure no one knows Nina's people are helping me.

 I was determined to do that.

 And the second visit was a surprise.

"You're Hiccup Migga?

 No wonder my body tensed when I saw the figure approaching without a sound.
 The person there was a race called the Dragon People. The ones my brother had captured and used. And the one that started the rebellion.

 I'm royalty, and I'm an abomination to them.
 Maybe I'll end up dying like this.
 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... These dragon people must be very good at cloaking themselves if they can get in so easily like this.

I'm sure you're not the only one. I'm sure you're just as wary of us as I am of that guy.

 The dragon man said something that I didn't understand, but then he continued.

"Dascha, the cat-beast, asked me to come and see you. --Depending on your response, I can help you. Now, what do you intend to accomplish?

 I'm surprised Dascha's name came up here.
 The beastman who had tried to win the favor of the noblewoman in order to free the beastmen from slavery, and who had tried to fulfill her wishes even though his friends had shunned him.

 --He too is still working for his goal without giving up.

 That fact cheers me up.

 Nina, Dascha.
 Nina came to be with me, to be involved with me.
 Dascha is not giving up, he is still working.

 All I could do was listen to my father. As a result of my actions, the two of us are connected.


 I smiled and replied to him, relieved to be in the presence that Dascha had given me.

 --The Prince and the Rebellion 3
 The princess and her cat, the beast, are on their way to help the prince.