257 Girl listens to Ms. and the merchant 1

 I reported Doanea to Ran, Dong and the others, and Doanea was accepted as a resident of this village.
 Even though Doanea was a newborn, she could see and hear spirits even though she was just born, partly because she was a dragon.

 Mr. Villar has been coming to my side more often than before, trying to catch a glimpse of Doornea. Even though she is a dragon, Doonaea is still a baby, so I try to keep an eye on her.
 Even though she has the memories of Mr. D'Aulëan, Doanea is still a newborn and can behave in an unpredictable manner.

 She might dig up the dirt because she was curious about what was in it, or she might drop the laundry that was hanging out to dry - even though she has the knowledge, she is still a child that you can't take your eyes off.

 Even though she's a baby, Doonaea is heavy to hold, so Dang Dong-ga and Dong-san made her a tool to carry on her back.
 So I've been carrying her around in a basket. It's a little heavy, but it's good for building up my strength, and I think it's good to carry Doanea like this for now, because she looks around happily when she comes out of the basket.

 I think it's better to carry her like this for now, but I hope she'll be able to settle down before she gets too big to carry it.
 Since Doanea is a dragon, it seems to have had an ego even when it was inside the egg, and it seems to be very curious based on that.
 Since she sensed the outside world inside the egg only through voices and sounds, she can't help but be curious about the outside world.

 Of course, I can't take care of Doonaea alone, so Gryphon, Sipho, and Frene are also taking care of her as my contracted seniors.

"Don't jump out!

 Lema and Luma warned Doonaea when she was about to jump out of the basket.
 It's cute to see Lema and Luma trying so hard to be big brothers and sisters. I think it's nice to have a family like this.

 Today I went to see Wetani's baby, Enalei. When I reached out to her, she squeezed my hand back, and I could feel her heart beating with life, even though she is so small.

 This is how new life will be born in this village. And new friends will be born.
 The thought of such a future made me happy.

 As I walked through the village, I saw Ran-san and Sadda-san talking.

"Yes, you're right. Perhaps it would be better if we did.
"Then we can--

 I approached the two men who were absorbed in their conversation. As I approached, Mr. Lan noticed me and smiled at me.

"Mr. Lan, Mr. Sadda, what are you talking about?
"Oh, Lerunda. There are no stores to buy things in this village, right? It might be confusing to set up all these stores at once, so I'm thinking of asking Saddha to try one out.
"A store?

 I've never done any shopping in a store before.
 I've heard and learned from my grandmother and Ran that in the city people use money to buy things. However, the village where I grew up was small and we did not use money. Since I was abandoned, I have never used money in my life.
 So I wonder what a store is like. I wonder if I will be able to store when the store opens. The thought of something new made my heart skip a beat.

"Yes. We haven't secured any money yet, but we've been talking about starting with a store where we can get things through barter. Saddha is an experienced merchant, so we can rely on her to help us run the store.
It's nice to know I can count on you, Lan.

 Saddha smiled happily when Ran told her that she could rely on him.

 Most of the people who had come to the village had a limited range of activities in the village due to various problems. However, Sadda was able to move around the village more freely than the others, on condition that she was an old friend of Ran's.

 He seems to be a good friend of Ran's, so I don't think he'll do anything bad for the village. I don't feel bad at all.

 He may be hoping that by opening the store, Mr. Saddha will be accepted in this village.

Do you know anything about a store?

 It seems that Mr. D'Aulën knows a little bit about stores, and that Doonaea has some memories of stores and shopping. But since dragons don't seem to shop, he doesn't have any useful knowledge.

"I'm pretty sure there are all kinds of stores, right? What do you store for?

 According to what I heard from my grandmother, there are many kinds of stores.
 I can't imagine it, but it could be a place to eat or a place to buy clothes. I've never been to such a store, so I don't really know what it's like.

I'm going to start with a general store.
A general store?
Yeah. A place that sells all kinds of things.

 Lan said with a smile.

 --The girl listens to the lady and the merchant.
 (The girl, who is a child of the gods, hears that the lady and the merchant are planning to build a store.)