258 The girl listens to Ms. and the merchant 2

There are many different kinds of stores. In a big city, there are stores that sell fish, fruits, meat, spices, and other ingredients. But this village doesn't have a single store yet, so the first thing we need to do is build a general store where we can sell various things.
"First of all, the goods to be sold must come from this forest. First of all, the goods to be sold must be those that can be found in this forest, and the store will be run on barter. If possible, I'd like to send people to the Kingdom of Migga or the Kingdom of Fairytlov to buy from them, but ...... they say they can't do that because they don't trust me yet, so I'll set up store here first and earn their trust.
I'm sure you're right. The people in this village don't have a particularly good feeling about humans. They were very wary of me when I first came here.

 Ms. Saddha is hoping to gain the trust of the people by running the general store.
 It's true that everyone is wary of Saddha and her team right now. All of them have suffered a great deal at the hands of the knights of the Kingdom of Migga.

 Even Gaius has his own feelings of unforgiveness, and so does everyone else.
 So I think this is a difficult issue. Maybe time will solve it, maybe it won't.
 Saddha is still a merchant and not a knight of the kingdom of Migga, so she is fine, but the knights of the kingdom of Migga can be attacked by villagers caught in hatred if they go out. ...... I think this is a really difficult problem.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one. If possible, I think it would be better to have one person from each village come out and interact with each other there. This will create a sense of camaraderie among the villagers. Now that the number of people is increasing, we need a place to interact.
That's right. I would like to include beastmen, elves, and knights to deepen mutual understanding. ....... The knights can be added after the general store gets going. ....... There should also be security. I don't know if anyone would steal in this small village, but places where supplies are gathered are always targeted.
That's true. ....... If you can build a store, you can classify your role as an employee of the store as a job, right? If I can build a store, I can classify being a store employee as a job.

 Apparently there is a job called "store keeper.
 Doanea told me that there is a job called "shop keeper," which involves checking the products in the store and dealing with the customers. It didn't sound familiar to me, but I was also interested in the idea of dealing with the people who came to the store.

"Mr. Lan, Ms. Sadda, I'd like to work in that store too.
"Lern Da? ......? That's right. I wouldn't mind doing it once in a while. If Lerunda and the other contracted beasts are in the store, I'll be less worried about security.
"That's true. If Lerunda can help me, I'll be very grateful, but is it okay to ask the Divine Child to help?

 Saddha asks if it's okay for her to help me with this.

It's fine. It's still a small village. Besides, as this place grows, Lelanda may not be in a position to guard the store. I think it is important to experience such things while you can. People can't talk about things they haven't experienced.
You won't be able to?
Yes. Since Lernda is a divine child, he has to draw the line properly. For now, there is no problem, but ......, if you are too close to the divine child, there is a possibility that something will happen when this place becomes a city.

 There is no problem at the moment, but if the presence of the divine child is too close, there may be a problem, Lan said.
 The more people there are, the more people there are, and if there are more people here and more buildings, then there could be problems.

 The future is still unknown. I can't imagine that this place will become more crowded and lively. But it seems that with change, I may not be able to have such an experience.
 Because of my position as a god child.
 I think it's because I've decided to live with the fact that I'm a Shinigami, even if I have to hide it.

So, I'm going to experience a lot while I can.
"Yes. I think that's a good idea.

 Mr. Ran smiled at me.

 We've already decided on the location of the general store and we're going to build it. The plans for the building are already in place.
 Once the building is completed, the general store will be opened after the goods are replenished.
 I promised Mr. Saddha that I would help with the construction and stocking of the store. I'm looking forward to working in the store, and I hope it will be ready soon.

 --The girl listens to the lady and the merchant.
 The girl promised to help with the store and to guard it when it was finished. The girl promised to help with the shop and to guard it when it was finished.