259 Girl wants to know the power of dance 1

 Phyto-chan dances in front of me.
 I think it's really beautiful to see her dance in front of me with light steps. I once tried to imitate her, but I couldn't do it like that at all.

 It seems that the daughters of the gods learn to dance and sing from the past. I think it is amazing that she can dance so well, even though she has been practicing since she was a child. I can say that she is not only dancing well, but that each of her gestures is beautiful.

 When I stare at them, I almost fall in love with them.

 When they dance as if they were dancing, the hem of their clothes flutter. Perhaps it is because the people value dancing and singing so much that they have come to wear such good-looking clothes.
 I've never thought about how they came to wear such clothes, but I'm sure there's a reason for each of them if you look into it.

Sifo, Phyto, you're amazing.
"Hi-hi-hi-hi, I want to sing too!
Sifo, be patient. We're looking at you now, Phyto.
Do you want to try it sometime?

 Sipho and Doornea are watching Fito intently.

 Fito-chan seems to be enjoying dancing. You can see that Fito is not obligated to dance, but is truly enjoying it.
 As I watch the beautiful dance being performed, I am also trying to see if the magic is easy to use.

 I know that Phyto's dance has an effect on others, but I don't know anything else about it yet.

 Fito has experienced the sensation of magic being drained away many times when he dances consciously. Everyone said that she was practicing very hard.

 I was happy to hear that she was trying her best to help me. I was happy about that. When I saw people around me working hard, I felt that I had to work hard too.

 Phyto-chan is a person who was called "God's daughter" in a special way, but if you get to know her, you will find out that she is really a hard worker. She's kind of a hard worker. That's what I think of her.

"Phew. ......

 Phyto's dance comes to an end.

 Phyto-chan walks toward me, out of breath.
 Then she calls out to me.

"Lelanda, how was it?
"Yeah. Magic is still easy to use. I think it's a little easier to use than before.
That's good.

 Phyto seemed relieved by my words.

 I'm sure she wants to improve her power now that she has it.

 I wonder if there is a reason why Phyto-chan's power has such an influence on people. I don't really know, but I wonder if it's because of her original ability, or if it's because of her own desire to do so.
 --While thinking about this, I talked with Phyto, who sat next to me.

How can I use my power?
"I think you can use it in many ways. I think it can be used in many ways, but I don't want to use it only for aggressive things. If something bad happens, I'll have to use my power, but I don't want to use it for ...... that kind of thing.
"Well. If we wanted to, we could attack someone. We can attack someone if we want to, and we can subdue them. But I don't want to do that either. It's good that this place is growing. But it's good that this place is getting bigger, because some people might try to tell us to use that kind of power. You have to think about that too, .......
Yeah. At the very least, use your powers. But I want to use it as much as possible to protect my friends and to make this life better.

 I said this, and Fito nodded with a smile.

 I'm sure your power can be used for many things.
 But I don't want to use it only for fighting if I can help it. I believe that power can be used in any way you want it to be.

That's why I have to learn more and more about what this power is.
Yeah. That's right. Let's find out more about how Phyto's power affects us, with the help of others.
Yeah. ....... We can't know everything if we do it alone. But wouldn't it be ...... annoying?
People might get upset if it's too sudden, but I'm sure they'll help us if we're prepared. Besides, Phyto, we're friends. So let's help each other. In exchange for our help, we'll use this power to help you.
Yeah, that's right. ....... Help and be helped. It's for the best.

 We talked about it, and then I went with Fito to Ran's place.

 Incidentally, while Fito and I were talking, Sifo and Doornea were playing with each other, as if they were getting tired of listening to us. Doanea was slumped on Sifo's back.

 --I want to know about the girl and the power of the dance 1

 (A girl who is a child of the gods begins to try to learn about the power of the dance with the daughter of the gods.