261 Girl wants to know the power of dance 3

 There were many people gathered in the square to see Phyto's power.
 As expected, not all of the village's inhabitants were able to gather here, but many of the villagers and tribesmen were here as well. The tribespeople wanted to participate because they wanted to help Phyto-chan, the daughter of a god.

 Ms. Lan's eyes twinkled with excitement as she wondered what Phyto's power would be like.
 Mr. Ran has been excited ever since he woke up this morning. I thought she was really enjoying her life.

I will now begin the verification of Phyto's power.

 With Ran's words, the verification of Phyto's power began.

 As many people gathered in the square, Phyto-chan stood at the foot of the spirit tree.
 Around her, the spirits are happily gathering.

 With everyone's attention focused on her, she began to dance with a nervous look on her face.

 As usual, Fito-chan's dancing is very beautiful.

 No, no, no. This is not the time to be admiring her beauty.
 I'm not here to watch her dance, I'm here to test her power.

So, let's try some things.
"Gururururu. It's fun.

 My words motivated the gryphons beside me, as well as Doonaea, who was being carried by me.

 Around me, everyone else started trying different things.
 Mr. Ran said that he wanted to make sure that everyone knew how different it was from normal.

 Following Ran's words, everyone is taking action.

 And Phyto's dance is over.

"How did it go?
"Well... Let's check it out.

 Ms. Lan said in response to Phyto-chan's words, and conducted an interview with everyone gathered in the square.

 Once the interviews were done, I asked Phyto-chan to dance again. At that time, I tried to change the position of the gathered people, meditate on them, and make various changes under Ran's direction.

 I wasn't quite sure what to make of the changes, but Mr. Lan's eyes lit up as he listened. Mr. Lan seems to be figuring out a lot of things by trying.

 Phyto-chan continued to do the dance over and over again, and by the end of the verification, she was completely exhausted.

Thank you, .......

 I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.
 The spirits seemed to be satisfied with Fito-chan's dance and were happily floating in the air. I'm glad they're having fun.

 Spirits really like to dance, don't they? I think it's great that the spirits like you so much.

Good work, Phyto.
"Thank you, Phyto. There are many things we've learned from this test, but let's rest for now. You must be tired, too.

 At Ran's urging, Fito and I sat down on the chairs in the square and decided to relax a bit.
 Fito, too, was tired from the dance he had done so many times and did not want to move.

 She said, "Then, please rest well. I'm going to summarize what we've learned this time. I'll report back to you when I've got it all together," she said briskly and left. Mr. Ran seemed to be enjoying himself.

 After the verification was over, everyone who had gathered for the verification went back to their own work. Some people stayed in the square, but most of them left the place.

 In the midst of all this, Phyto-chan and I are sitting next to each other.

I hope you know about your power, Phyto.
I've been so busy dancing that I haven't been able to see how my surroundings have been changing.
...... I wasn't sure either. I didn't understand it either, but since you seem to understand it, I'm sure you'll figure it out.
Yeah. He had a look in his eyes that said he knew something. You figured out about my power after only a few tries.
Yeah. You love to study and think. And you're awesome.

 While talking with Phyto, words came out of my mouth as if I were bragging about myself.
 I'm glad that I can show people that you're awesome.

Lerunda really loves you, doesn't she?
"...... Yeah. I love you, Lan.

 I smiled and nodded my head.

 I love you, Ran.
 She is kind and always works hard at her favorite study. When he gets carried away, he sometimes skips meals, which worries me, but I think that's typical of him.

I can't wait to hear how much you've figured out about my powers.
"Yeah. I'm looking forward to it too.

 I'm looking forward to it too." We laughed together as we talked like that.

 They continued their conversation for a while after that.

 --The girl wants to know the power of the dance.
 (The girl who is a child of the gods participates in the verification of the daughter of the gods. And they both look forward to the report of the woman's thoughts.