262 girl, boy and knight and one

 People from the Kingdom of Migga have a narrow range of activities.
 The mere fact that they are knights of the Kingdom of Migga is enough to make everyone in this village have mixed feelings about them.
 I still feel those complicated feelings too.

 Perhaps because they understand our feelings, the knights of the Kingdom of Migga never complain. Even though they are gathered in one place and have no freedom, they accept it as the norm.

"Is it okay if we don't have freedom?
Lern Da, I think they realize what they've done. Even if they didn't want to do it themselves, it doesn't change the fact that the knights did what they were ordered to do. Some people don't feel responsible for what they did because they were ordered to do it, but they are facing up to what they did.
 I also have mixed feelings about them. When I think of Athos and Nirsi, I feel anger towards them. However, I believe that there is a way to walk with them. I can't hold a grudge against people who are aware of what they have done and who are working hard.
 ...... is a difficult problem to solve. I'm sure time will tell, but people's emotions are something that others can never control. I'm going to try to arrange things so that we can come closer little by little, but ......, if we get too close to each other, something terrible could happen.

 Ran said in response to the way he was accepting.

 The people who tormented the people I love. The people who were the cause of Athos' death. --If we only look at that one aspect, they're enemies to us, and we don't like them.
 But they saved our slaves and brought us here.
 Truly, the relationship between people is complicated and difficult.

 If we can get along, we should get along. But it's also difficult for everyone to get along.
 Mr. Lan said that he would like to try to get along little by little.

It's better to have them work for the village than to let them play around when we are short on manpower. That's what the store is for, but ...... it's not enough. So, if you are a knight, you must be good with a sword. I'm thinking of having you train the villagers with your sword skills.
"Train them?
Yes. Yes, sir. Despite their physical prowess, the people of this village have not been properly trained in swordplay. It would be beneficial to learn how to fight from someone who has worked as a knight.
...... Are you sure about that?
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I'll take the proper precautions and implement them. The knights of the Kingdom of Migga are certainly a threat to our lives and have driven us to despair, but we want to be able to see them not as knights of the Kingdom of Migga, but as human beings. And they never seem to want to point their swords at us. I think it's important that we interact with them properly so that they can realize that.

 Mr. Lan said he would take the necessary measures and implement them.

Lerunda, I would like to ask you to help me with this.
"Can I help?
"Yes. Yes, you can. But it could turn into a big deal. So if you accept, be prepared for that.
...... Yeah. There might be a fight between you and the knights. ......
Yes. Yes, that's right. You never know when or how their emotions will explode.

 Mr. Lan said with a serious look in his eyes.
 I know what you mean.

 I care about you and I love you. I love you all and I care about you, but that doesn't mean I know you all completely.
 It's been a few months since the knights came here, and they've been quiet and haven't complained one bit. So far, they haven't had any conflicts with the beastmen, partly because they have restricted their activities.
 But I suppose it's possible that it could happen.

...... I'll help you. I'd like to be of help to you.
"I see. Then ...... please help Lelanda and the contracted beasts when the time comes.
Yeah. Of course.

 That day, Ran and I had this conversation in our house.

 A few weeks later, the place Ran-san had mentioned was set up.
 Gaius was there, too.
 Although he was surrounded by many beasts and tribes, the knight who had come to the square to teach him how to use a sword - Sadonid-san - had a dignified expression on his face.

 --The Girl, the Boy, and the Knight 1
 The girl talks about the lady and the knights. (The girl, who is a divine child, talks about the lady and the knights, and then takes action to approach them.