263 girl, boy and knight and two

 To be honest, the look in Sadnid's eyes is not a good one.
 In the event that you've got a lot more than one, you'll be able to get a lot more.

 Even though he was being looked at like this and without any friends, Sadnid was looking forward.

 I was impressed by his strength.
 I think about what I would have done. If I had done something terrible, would I be able to stand alone in front of people who only look at me like this?
 I think it is a strength to be able to look forward like this in such a situation where you might be killed.
 She doesn't look away, she accepts what she has done, and she is willing to accept the hatred that everyone is directing at her.

 I have mixed feelings about her, but when I see her strength, I can't help but feel a little bit of admiration for her.

 He looks at Gaius with concern. Gaius does not have his usual gentle smile on his face. He was just staring at Mr. Sadnid.
 ...... Gaius said he could not forgive Sadnid and the others. I wonder how he will direct that unforgivable feeling towards Mr. Sadnid.
 If Gaius ...... wants to kill Sadnid, not just Gaius, but everyone else, then let's stop him. That's why I'm bringing the gryphons, Frene, and Doanea.

 With this determination in my heart, I too decided to be mentored by Mr. Sadonid.

 By the way, most of the weapons are the ones I originally had in the wolf village. Since arriving at this place, Ran and Dong have been searching for ore nearby, but they haven't found any so far. They said they would try their best to make products from the ore if they find it. Therefore, all the products made in this village are made of wood.

 Mr. Sadnid is using a wooden sword to guide us.
 I can't wield it very well unless I use magic to strengthen my body. Kayu and the others, being beasts by comparison, are able to carry it easily.

 The elves seem to be worse at wielding it than I am. The elves, whose mainstay is magic, don't need to wield weapons, but they're here because they want to strengthen their bodies and they're worried about the beastmen.
 Although Sireva and the others didn't say so explicitly, you could tell that they were worried by the way they glanced at everyone with concern and the way they kept the spirits they had contracted with close to the beastmen and the tribe.

 Mr. Sadnid was a man who had used the sword as a knight.
 He was very good at teaching.

It's easier to swing it this way.
"In that case--

 Sadonid-san's instruction was careful, and he tried to make it easy for us to understand. His words came out easily because he was looking at each and every one of us properly.
 Even though his range of activities was limited and he had probably never met most of the people gathered here, he still remembered their names. He called out to each of us and taught us, the children, well.

 Even in that short time of instruction, we began to understand Sadonid's personality.

 My first sword lesson ended more peacefully than I expected. Everyone seemed to be relaxed as Sadonid-san made eye contact with them, stopped his hatred, and taught them carefully.
 There seemed to be a great deal of confusion as to whether he was really a knight of the Kingdom of Migga.

 I hoped that this confusion would lead to a better relationship.

 After that, Sadonid-san was the one who taught him how to use the sword, as if he wanted to improve his relationship with Sadonid-san first.
 Mr. Ran said that Mr. Sadnid was the chief among the knights of the Migga Kingdom who had come, so he wanted them to interact with him. Rather than having him interact with a number of knights, which would lead to the worst possible outcome, they want to proceed in a steady manner.

 Mr. Sadnid's sword instruction is piling up.
 --Some people's attitudes softened as they were exposed to Sadnid's personality, while others kept their eyes as sharp as ever.

 This problem is not an easy one to solve.
 Gaius, too, has a cold look in his eyes. I want Gaius to smile. But I know it's not right to force him to smile. All I can do is stand by Gaius' difficult face when I'm not teaching him.

 I don't know what the right thing to do is.
 Should I talk to him or should I leave him alone? Which would be the best for Gaius? But I'm sure Gaius will come to me and ask me to listen to him when he can't control himself.

 One day, while I was thinking like this, there was a day of sword instruction.

"Let's do a mock battle today.

 When Mr. Sadnid said that, Gaius was the first one to stand up.

 --The Girl, the Boy, and the Knight 2
 (The girl who is a godchild participates in teaching the knight. And she's worried about the beast boy.