264 girl, boy and knight and three

 Gaius has been nominated as Mr. Sadnid's opponent in a mock battle.
 And Mr. Sadnid accepted it.

 I was already on the edge of my seat at that stage.
 I wondered if it was safe for Gaius, who harbored feelings of hatred toward the knights of the Kingdom of Migga, to engage in a mock battle. Even though it was a wooden sword, a weapon is a weapon. There was a good chance that a bad hit would kill him.

 As I stared at the two of them with a nervous look on my face, Fresne called out to reassure me.

Lelunda, it's going to be okay. If it really looks like it's not going to work, I'll use magic to stop it.
"...... Yes.

 Yes, I'm not the only one here. There's someone else who can stop it if something happens. But because Gaius is so important to me, I worry too much.

 The mock battle began as I watched on with trepidation. Once the mock battle started, the worry in me gradually diminished.
 This was because it was clear that there was a difference in skill between Gaius and Ms. Sadonid.

 Gaius wasn't using magic, and he wasn't in wolf form, so he wasn't at full strength. However, Sadnid is easily able to deal with Gaius, who is physically strong enough even in his werewolf form.
 I guess that's the difference in experience. Even if you have high physical ability, if you don't have enough skill to handle a weapon, you will end up like this against someone with skill.

 I can use magic as well, but I wanted to improve my skill so that I can handle a sword properly. I thought there was a difference between just being able to use it and being able to handle it.
 By the way, Mr. Sadnid, you are amazing.

 I have only seen Sadnid's master, the prince Hiccup Migga, once. The prince I saw that time is the one to whom Mr. Sadonid owes allegiance.
 Looking at Mr. Sadnid, I wondered what kind of person this prince Hiccup Migga really was.

 I hear the sound of wooden swords clashing.
 Gaius is heading towards Mr. Sadonid over and over again. --I can tell from his expression that Gaius is really going for Mr. Sadnid in his beastly form.

 Sadonid-san is skilled enough to stop him, so there is no problem.
 The adults around him also seem to be watching, thinking that there will be no problem even if Gaius is heading towards him seriously.

 I wonder if the reason Gaius doesn't use magic or turn into a wolf here is because he's trying to keep his hatred in check with reason. .......

 As we watch, Gaius's strength begins to wear off.
 It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see if you can find anything you like.

I'm not sure what to do. It must be hard for Gaius.

 Sadnid lowered his wooden sword and called out to Gaius.

"Why ......?

 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out why.
 His voice sounded somehow painful.

 Mr. Sadonid stared back at Gaius.

...... Why are you such a jerk?
I'm not that guy. ......
You're the reason my father died! You're a knight of the Kingdom of Migga who killed your father! Why are you being so nice to me! If you wanted to, you could have killed me during the mock battle! I wish you were more of a ...... jerk! Then you could have ...... killed me. ....... Why don't you just ......

 Oh, Gaius is in pain. That's why he's had a troubled expression on his face lately.
 I'm not sure what to do. But when you get to know him, he's kind and not a jerk,......, which is probably why he was suffering.

 You may have wanted to kill him, but you couldn't dislike Sadnid, who was kind to you even though you hated him.

I see. ....... If so, you can try to kill me as many times as you want. Just doing that will make Gaius feel better. I have no problem with being killed, but I don't want to be killed by someone who is trying to kill me. It's not good for Gaius either.
 What I've done is irreversible. All I can do is apologize. I'm really, really sorry.
"...... Don't apologize! If you're sorry, you shouldn't have done it. ....... If you had, my father would still be with me!

 I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's had a bad experience. Gaius doesn't do anything to Sadonid-san, who looks defenseless.
 This is the first time I've ever seen such a thing.

"...... But I won't kill you! I'm not going to kill you! Killing you won't bring your father back and it won't mean anything. Someday ...... I'll be stronger than you. I'll use you to make me stronger than you!
"...... Yeah, I'm looking forward to you being stronger than me.

 Sadnid nodded in agreement with Gaius' painful words.

 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
 As I looked at Gaius and Sadnid, I was relieved that the worst had not happened.

 After that, every time Gaius gave a sword lesson, he would have a mock battle with Sadonid-san.

 --The Girl, the Boy, and the Knight 3
 (The girl watched the mock battle between the beast boy and the knight.