265 Prince and Rebellion 4

You'll do what I say.

 I've screwed over people who don't think well of me.
 I don't know if it's the right thing to do. I don't know if it's the right thing to do, but it's what I had to do to make this rebellion a real success.

 I was only able to act because of the help of the dragons.
 The dragon clan that approached me at that time said they would stand by me. They didn't like the fact that I was a prince, but they wanted to help me deal with the situation where I was reducing different races to slaves by force.

 The dragon tribe was willing to help me, and gave me a tool called a spirit stone that would make it easier for me to use magic.

 I understand that it is related to the unknown existence of spirits, but I don't know how it is created. Basically, it's just something you can find on the ground, and you can get it by accident.
 Now, this water spirit stone is said to be the property of the chief of the dragon tribe. It is said to have been kept as an important item from the past. However, since almost none of the Dragon Clan can use water magic, it is said that it was a treasure that was never used.
 I can only be grateful that he entrusted it to me in the first place.

 On my right arm, I wear a bracelet with a series of huge, clear blue stones.
 Thanks to the stones, I am able to use water magic on a larger scale than I was able to before I added it.

 I used that magic to get the rebels to allow me to rise above them.
 I'm not gonna complain. I've made up my mind. And now that Nina's involved, ...... I've got to do it.

...... Master Hiccup, it's great that you've brought the rebels together, but what are you going to do now?
I know. ....... I really don't want to kill the rebellion by making a big deal out of it. I really don't want to rule the rebellion with any kind of brutality, but I don't think we'll be able to succeed if we do.

 I really want to make things easier. But this rebellion won't end if you're so naive.

 Until now, I lacked the power, the rebels were not united, and I was wondering what to do.

 But with the power of water magic and the help of the dragon tribe, I think I can make a move if I'm reckless.
 If I'm going to be king, I have to deal with my father, my brother, my family. First, I want a discussion.
 If you think that your brothers are not on my side, I will kill you on the spot. ...... I'm not strong enough yet, so if I pretend to get close to you and you tell your father about me, I'll die.

 That would be a betrayal of the former slaves who believed in me, and of Nina and the others I've brought into this. So even if I'm scared, even if I don't know if I'll succeed, I'll do it.

 The man I was when I only listened to my father would be surprised to see the man I am now.

 With this in mind, I had a discussion with the rebels. As a result, it was decided to lure the sixth prince's brother out for a meeting.

 And that's what we're going to do.
 I spread the information that the rebels were there and confronted him at the place I lured him to.
 When he saw me, he looked surprised. But then he smiled at me with a foolish expression on his face.

"You want me to help the rebellion? How could you be so foolish? But how could you, your father's puppet, do such a thing? ....... If you want to beg for your father's life, I'll help you. If you lick my boots.

 He said that as if he was making fun of me.

 As I had suspected, my negotiations with you did not go well. Even with only you and a few guards, you still look down on me and think you can do whatever you want with me.
 I'm just a puppet to them, a puppet who does what my father tells him to do, without any will of my own.
 Yeah, that's why I have to show them that I can't kill them, that I'm too naive to do such a thing.

 I made up my mind and used magic on him to get him to apologize to me.

 The words I said in a small voice, the magic I developed, would have been imperceptible to my non-magical brother.

"What are you talking about?

 Those mocking words became the last words of my brother.
 The magic power amplified by the spirit stone became a blade and beheaded him.

 It was the first time he had beheaded someone with magic. ...... No, as a prince, I've never done anything to harm anyone on my own. I just did what my father told me to do and ordered others to do it.
 That wolf beast who didn't tell me where the village was, I didn't put my hands on him directly. I killed him indirectly.

 I beheaded my brother. I feel horrible that I have that kind of power, even if it's from a spirit stone.
 But I don't have time to feel horrible.
 With your brother dead, I killed the guards who came screaming at me. Not just me, but everyone I was with, and I took my own life.

 --I felt that there must have been a better way, but there was no way I could have successfully rebelled against my father, the king, if I had stopped at every step.

 When I went to bed at night, the thought of my brother's dead face kept haunting me and I could not sleep.
 But not getting any sleep was a problem, so I managed to get some sleep.

 --It worked this time, but it might not work next time. But if my brothers are underestimating me, I might be able to do something.

 How many more lives will I put in my hands? How many more before I'm king? No, when I'm king, I won't be so naive. I can't be so naive, and I'm sure I'll have to kill more people.

 ...... That's the path I've chosen. I chose it with my head. So I'm not lost anymore. I can't be lost.

 --And after that, I'm off to talk to another brother.

 --The Prince and the Rebellion 4

 (The prince has received a spirit stone from the dragon tribe and is acting on its power.)