266 The cat enters the inside.

"There seems to be something going on with His Royal Highness going missing. How terrible.

 The lady laments as if in horror. Then she glances at me. I could tell from her gaze what she wanted, and I said exactly what she wanted.

"Don't look at me like that, young lady. I'm happy to see you smile. And I'll protect you.

 I smiled, and the lady smiled contentedly. Her face is red.

 To be honest, I don't have any good feelings towards her, so it makes me feel sick, but I can't help it.

 Speaking of which, I told the dragon clan my true feelings. I asked him to confirm whether the Seventh Prince was alive or dead and to help me. I thought that the dragon tribe would be able to find the Seventh Prince.
 After that, the dragon tribe came to us only once. They didn't want the young lady to find out. As dragons, they are light in weight and strong in body. That's why they can easily enter places that are difficult for human beings to enter. It is because they are dragons that they were able to reach the third floor.

 The Seventh Prince seems to be taking action to change this country among the rebels. With the help of the dragon tribe, he's able to use magic more easily than before.
 --I don't know how they're actually doing since they haven't been here since then.

 However, it is said that the rebels are involved in the disappearance of the prince. The Seventh Prince gained his power with the help of the Dragon People. --Then I'm sure the prince is taking action.

 Then I want to take more action too.
 What kind of action should I take to get inside the country? I've earned the lady's trust. But that's not enough.

"Miss, I want to relieve your anxiety. So-- can you recommend me?

 I took her hand and looked her straight in the eye.

 I took her hand and looked her straight in the eye and said, "I want to relieve your anxiety, and I want to relieve the anxiety of this country.

 The young lady looked at me with a twinkle in her eye. It was as if she was a princess being protected by a prince or something. I wanted to laugh at the idea that I was a prince, but it was better to let her dream about it.

 The lady advised me to work for the kingdom of Migga.
 The people of the Kingdom of Migga wondered why I, a cat-beast, would work for the Kingdom of Migga, but I showed my absolute obedience to the Master and showed them how to hurt a beast. It's important for me to get more inside the country.

Are you ready to take on the rebels?

 And when he asked me that question to show my readiness, I nodded without hesitation.

 I will defeat the rebels. --What I need to show is that I'm serious about working for the good of others.
 Even if I'm told something later, even if I'm told that I'm a traitor now, I still dare to go and defeat the rebels in order to make the rebellion succeed. I'm going.

 And I'm going to win the trust of the men in front of me and manipulate their information.
 Even if I have to kill a beastman in the process, I've already decided that I'm going to do it.

 There's no way I'm going to get my hands dirty and revolt.
 I will work to ensure that the beastmen can look forward to their lives in this country and not be enslaved.

 ...... If the Seventh Prince succeeds in his rebellion, so be it. If the Seventh Prince does not succeed in his rebellion, I will still work to change this country from the inside out so that it can be a better place for the future.

 You've done a good job, young lady.
 When I was going to defeat the rebels, I said, "I don't feel sorry for Dascha to have to defeat the same beastmen. So, I dared to say, "I will defeat the filthy beastmen who are biting this country and reassure the lady. You wouldn't think that I would want to succeed in my rebellion after saying such a thing so openly. To make you less suspicious of me, and to eat through .......

 No matter how much it pains me, no matter how much it hurts me - if my actions will lead to the future of the beastmen, then I will get my hands dirty as much as I can.
 The dragon tribe said they would help me, and I made up my mind to try to defeat the rebels.

 --I'll try not to kill them. You can't gain people's trust by being naive like that. I killed a couple of rebels to show that I was working for the country.
 It was necessary, but I don't feel good about it. It showed that I could kill rebels.

 The beastman I killed probably had a family. That's why it hurts to think about it, but it doesn't stop me.

 --The cat goes inside.
 When the cat learns of the Seventh Prince's move, it will move in earnest. (The cat moves in earnest when it learns of the Seventh Prince's move. Even with blood on its hands, it moves for the future of the beastmen.