267 Girl, listen to the results of the verification 1

 I'm here today to help Mr. Zechs.
 Besides me, there is also an elf lady, Suzie.

 Ran-san had mentioned at the meeting that he wanted to decide on more roles, but Zesihi-san, who has been a medicine man since the time of the wolf beast village, of course, chose to specialize as a medicine man.
 Ran said that the medical facility was important to make this place bigger, more stable, and more secure. That's why, with Saddha's help, we are working to improve such facilities.

 Mr. Zesihi is in charge, partly because he has been in such a position for a long time.

 I can use sacred magic, but it is important to live without relying on it too much.
 He said that if I were to be in charge of all the injured people, there would be a high possibility of problems later on, and it would also be a burden on me.

 Fortunately, no one in the village has been seriously injured so far. There are some minor injuries, though. Mr. Lan said that this was probably due to the power of the gods.

"What's this, Mr. Zesihi?
"This is...

 Mr. Zechariah has a lot to teach me with great enthusiasm.

 I can tell from spending time with Zechariah that he really loves his job as a medicine man. I may have the power of a divine child, but other than that, I'm not very good. Everyone else is much, much better than me.

 Incidentally, while I was being taught by Zechi-san, Lumiha, Yuyin, and Doanea, who had been following along with me, were sleeping peacefully together as if they were bored.

 While I was receiving a lesson from Ms. Zeshi with Ms. Suzy, Ms. Lan and Ms. Fito came over.

Lelunda, were you here today?
Lelunda, I looked for you.
What's wrong, Mr. Lan and Ms. Fito?

 I wondered if I had promised them anything, but I was sure that I hadn't. I looked at them, wondering what was going on.

I've compiled a review of Phyto's dance we did the other day.
I want Lelanda to listen to it with me.

 Apparently, Ms. Lan had compiled the results of Phyto's verification of the dance. That's why he came to call me.

"Oh, yeah. I'm sorry, Mr. Zechariah, I have to go.
"No problem. Have a good day.
I'll be back when I'm done talking.

 I had this conversation with Mr. Zechariah and went out of the building. Doonaea and the others, who were still asleep, were allowed to sleep for a while. Mr. Zesihi and Ms. Suzie said that they would take good care of Doanea, especially since she was still a baby.

Now I'll tell you the results of Phyto's test.

 Mr. Lan said with a lively look on his face.
 In his hand was a notebook that he had made by hand. On the cover was written in big letters, "Mai's verification record. Phyto and I are sitting side by side in front of it, listening to Mr. Ran's story.

The first thing you need to know about Phyto's power is that he has the power to raise the power of those around him. It's interesting to note that the power of the Knights of the Divine Son affects not themselves, but those around them. While Raymar and Gaius have the power to influence themselves, Phyto has the power to influence others. It would be interesting to know what the difference is and why it is there.
 Now, as for the previous verification, it seems important that we can see the dancing Phyto. It seems that those who have been in a position where they can't see Phyto are not affected by Phyto's power.

 Mr. Ran said something like that.

 Phyto's power has no effect if you can't see her dancing, she said. That's how it works, apparently. But Ran said that the current situation is just that. But Ran says it's only for now, and she thinks it may grow in the future.

The only amazing thing is that if you can see Phyto properly, you will be affected by his power no matter how far away you are. I've had people report that they were able to move their bodies slightly even when they were only a pea-sized distance away. That's very impressive! 
 Of course, the people closest to him seemed to receive the most power, but it was affecting everyone who was there. Of course, the people closest to you seem to receive the most power, but it affected everyone who was there. It's such a wonderful power to be able to affect everyone who sees you, without specifying how many people.

 Mr. Lan said, looking at Phyto with a happy expression on his face.
 Phyto-chan smiled happily at Ran's words.

It's just that there are some problems with this power if you don't use it well.

 But Ran continued to tell me and Phyto that she was happy.

 --The girl asks for the results of the verification.
 (The girl who is a child of God listens to the results of the verification with the daughter of God)