268 Girl hears results of verification 2

What's the problem?
What's the problem?

 Phyto and I looked at Mr. Lan.

 I didn't know where the problem was. All I could think of was that it would be a great thing if it made it easier for everyone to act.

 I thought it would give people hope that keeping Phyto in their sight, no matter how far away, would have an effect. It would be a big help if something happened.

If you have a wide influence, it means you can influence a lot of people. But let's say Phyto dances to help the battle. If Phyto is visible to the enemy at that time, then ......
I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out," she said, as if Ran's words had given her pause.

You're right. Yes, that's right. If Phyto's dance affects everyone in sight of Phyto, then it will also affect the opposing forces and demons. The dance is meaningless if you can only give power and they can only receive power. It will only make Phyto tired.
 Also, in order to dance safely, you will need to prepare properly. For example, if Phyto dances behind an ally, we don't know if it will help us or not. Even if you are close enough, if it is not effective unless you can see it, it will be difficult to use. I didn't think of that in the previous verification, so I'll verify it next time.
 So, let's see. It is a power that is difficult to use, but I think it is a power that can benefit this village if it is used well. But, Phyto. If you don't want to go into battle, then we may not need to examine it any further. If you only want to use the power in the village, that's one option.

 If there is a possibility of dancing in the presence of hostile forces, it means that Fito-chan may go to the battlefield.
 If she stays in the village all the time and doesn't dance when something happens, there may be no need for such verification. Phyto-chan herself does not have the power to fight. Then, you can choose not to go to such places in the first place.

...... No. I don't want to stay in the village quietly. If we're going to make this place a country, I have to use my power. I've been protected as a daughter of God. I've been kept out of harm's way. So to be honest, I don't feel comfortable going into that kind of conflict. But that doesn't mean that if a true daughter of God, who means so much to us, ...... and who is also my friend, Lelanda, is going to jump into danger, ...... I want to help her. If my power is going to help everyone here, I want to ...... use it properly and be there.

 That's what Phyto-chan said.
 I thought how determined she sounded.

 I will use my power to protect everyone if I have to. I'll do everything I can, even if it's dangerous, like I did when I killed that demon. I'm sure Phyto knows that I'm jumping in like that, even though she wasn't there at the time.
 I was happy to hear her say she was doing it for her friends. I'm sure she knows I'm jumping in like that.

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that. The power of Phyto is a very strong power if you can master it. The power of Phyto is a very powerful force if you can master it, and mastering it will always help us. If we are good at it, we will be able to identify objects. How and to whom to give the power. There are still many things we don't know about the power of the Knight of the Divine Child. But that's why there are so many possibilities.
 Let's bring out those possibilities together! It's a lot of fun to be able to understand something you didn't know before!
"Yes, yes.

 Ran couldn't help but be excited by the many possibilities of Phyto's power.

 I looked at the two of them absentmindedly.

Of course, we should also examine the power of Lerunda's children. Lerunda has many powers, but he still has the potential to do many things. It is also possible that his powers will develop as he gets older. In that sense, both Lerunda and the Knight of the Divine Child have a lot of room to grow. Only Raymer is already an adult, though.

 Ran-san said to me with sparkling eyes.

 At any rate, there was not much that we could learn from the previous short verification, so we decided to continue with the verification.
 I also thought that I should do more research to see what I can do.

 When I returned to Mr. Zesich's place, Doaneer and the others were still asleep. I was relieved to find them sleeping peacefully.

 --The Girl Hears the Results of the Verification 2
 The young girl heard the problems with the God's daughter's power. She also decides to learn more about her own power.