269 Girl and the beginning of the store 1

Wow, this is a store?
I'm pretty sure it's a store where you buy things, like my aunt said.
In big villages, you have to spend money, right?
It's strange.

 The village had its first store.

 It is a small wooden store with about two rooms. The space near the entrance is for the store, and the back room is for the goods to be sold in the general store.

 It's the first time I've actually seen a store, which makes me feel strange. The exterior of the shop is unchanged, partly due to the fact that it is made of the same wood that houses are made of. The only distinctive feature is the horizontal door with the word "General Store" written above it.
 The village has not yet been given a name, so he said he made it that way.
 A good amount of time has passed since we settled in this land. Mr. Ran said that it's about time to decide on a proper name for the place. He said he'll change the sign when he decides.

 The general store has a lock on it. It was chained and locked, and the key was apparently brought by Mr. Saddha. There are metal locks like this in the city. It's strange.
 I was told that if you put this small key in and turn it, the door will open. I'm going to try turning the key next time I'm allowed to do so.
 The village I grew up in, the beastman village, and this village don't have such a key. At most, you can leave your luggage in front of the door before going to bed. This was the first time I had seen a real key.

 I heard that the exterior of the store was ready, so people were coming to see the store.

 It seems that the reason why this general store was built so quickly was because they decided that it would be better to build such a facility for the village as soon as possible.
 I was amazed at the speed of the construction, as it was done day by day, little by little, and completed in no time.

 Mr. Saddha said that he would like to leave some items for sale in the house, not meat or herbs that would become useless over time, but plates, spoons, handkerchiefs, and other daily necessities.
 He said that since there was no money in the village at the moment, they would be bartering for a while.

 At first, everyone in the village is supposed to offer something for free. I'm also planning to offer something when I make it.
 At first, Sadda-san said that he would collect the items himself because free is bad, but he was too clumsy to make things even if he could do business, and there were dangers outside the forest and he didn't have permission to go there. So I settled on this form.
 I heard that the person who offered it to me would get something later on. I'd like to collect them even if I don't have to get them, but they say it's better to take care of that.

 That's why I decided to make things with the gryphons.
 The gryphon brothers, Rion and Yuin, were enjoying making baskets. I decided to join them and do it.

"It's fun to weave baskets.

 As we worked together, our hearts were filled with excitement. It's fun to make something with your own hands.

It's fun. What else do you think I should make?
"What do you think I should make? Clothes?
Something delicious.
Hmm, he said he's going to hold off on the food stuff for now. He said he'll think about it after he collects some things and opens a general store.

 I'm asking the villagers what kind of things they think I should sell, but what kind of things?
 I don't know what a store is yet, so I should ask Mr. Lan what kind of things I should sell after I ask him.

 The only people who actually know what a store is are Ran-san, Sadda-san, and Sadnid-san.
 But the opening of a store like this, which has never existed in this village before, makes me realize that this village is changing.

 I'm sure that Nilshi and the others who are out exploring will be surprised when they come back. I hope everyone is doing well. It's the first time I've been so far away from everyone who went out to explore, so I feel lonely.

"How are you, Nils, I wonder?
"How are you, Nirsi?" "I'm fine, my mother is with me.
"Gururururu, I'm fine.

 When I said, "How are you?", they both sensed my concern and attached themselves to me, as if to say so.
 The warmth of the gryphon's body suddenly made me feel sleepy, even though I had been making baskets.

"Gurururururu." "Gurururururu.

 I closed my eyes at the words of these two cows.
 Then I slept soundly until Mr. Ran came looking for me.

 --The Girl and the Beginning of the Shop 1
 (The girl who is a godson takes action to open a general store)