270 Girl and the beginning of the store 2

 In the General Store, there is a collection of things made by everyone in the village.
 Today I'm in the store to help Saddha. We have gathered some things and we are going to put them in the store.

 Gaius, Eshta, Ilkesai and others are also here to help.
 I'm excited to think that the baskets I made with Yuyin and the others will be displayed as merchandise.

 This is the first time I've ever sold something I've made.

 I heard that it's important to know how and where to place the items in order to sell them. I also heard that it is important to write letters on the boards to make them stand out.
 Mr. Saddha gave us instructions on how to arrange the items, and we arranged them together.

 To be honest, I wondered if the way they were arranged would make that much of a difference. I wasn't sure if it would make much of a difference, but when I actually arranged them as Mr. Saddha instructed, they looked great.
 But when I actually laid them out as Mr. Saddha instructed, they looked great. Since we were laying out the same items, Mr. Saddha gave detailed instructions at ....... "Why such detailed instructions? But when they saw the finished line, their faces lit up.

Thank you, everyone. In a store, it is very important to know how to arrange the items and which ones should stand out the most. One of the strategies is to make a special item to sell.

 Mr. Sadda smiled and thanked us for our help in arranging the items.
 The baskets made by me and the gryphons are laid out, and I feel strange.

The store will be open tomorrow. I've made some instructions, but if you don't understand, just ask.

 It seems that Ms. Sadda had made a book out of the paper that Mr. Lan had made. I also had a chance to read it, but it was made in such a way that even a child could easily understand it.
 I think Mr. Saddha's ability to put sentences together in such a way that they are easy to understand is also impressive.

 However, even though he makes paper, he can't make that much, so he only has three manuals. He keeps them in his store and asks customers to read them.
 Of course, if you don't understand, Mr. Sadda will explain it to you.

 Mr. Saddha seems to be very happy about the opening of his store. I guess he really likes business.
 She is a friend of Ran's, so she must be very passionate about what she loves.

I wonder what the store is like.
Let's go tomorrow, Gaius.

 After helping Saddha, I walked with Gaius and had a conversation.

"Peek-a-boo, I've never seen a store like this before.
"Gururururu! (What's it like?)

 Doanea, Lema and Luma were also excited.

 Everyone in the village was curious about the store. Tomorrow, when the store opens, it will be staffed by Saddha and two wolf beastmen. These two beastmen are being taught by Mr. Saddha how to deal with customers.
 He also said that there will be another person for security.
 The store is going to open tomorrow, and they don't know how busy it will be, so they're going to open it that way for the time being.

 It's the first time for a store to open in the village, and I think people will be very interested in it. I might be able to get something I want.
 I've heard that it's bartering, so maybe I'll go and collect some things that I can trade for the items in the store.

Gaius, do you want to go bartering while we hunt?
I like that.

 Gaius nodded, and we told the adults that we wanted to go hunting.
 They were just about to go hunting, so we decided to go with them. Fresne and Lulmar were with him.

 It was a place where I always hunted, and I decided to take Doonaea with me.
 I was a little nervous about taking the newborn Doonaea with me, but even though she was new, she was still a dragon.

 She was able to tell us exactly where the monsters were and where we could find wild vegetables to eat. I was surprised that even a child with knowledge of the Douroians would be so useful for living in this place.
  I stopped him from hunting until he was a little older, though.

 By the time we got back to the village, we had harvested a lot of things.
 I was able to hunt some tasty looking monsters, so today's hunt was very good.

 I was able to get some things to barter with tomorrow.

 With these thoughts in mind, I headed back home.

 --The Girl and the Beginning of the Shop 2
 The girl is looking forward to the opening of the store.