272 Cats create confusion.

 The number of beastmen I've killed. I remember their names. The way they lived, I found out later.
 Because I know that if someone comes to kill me, to avenge me, I will face them.

 My hands are already filthy.
 --Instead, what I have is a position in the kingdom of Migga.

 The order was given with the drunken idea that it would be fun to let the same beastmen deal with the rebels, and I was sent to conquer the rebels.
 --I'm trying to avoid killing them. I'm trying not to kill them, but if I don't get results, I'll be removed.

 Rather than leave the defeat of the rebels to those who don't think of beastmen as people, I must take action to make life easier for beastmen with my own hands.

 But I can't see or contact the prince directly. There are only a few times I can do it through the dragon people.
 If I can successfully create a diversion, then my wish will surely come true.
 If I don't believe that, I can't move. If I stand still, my heart will break.

 I haven't seen my family. They're probably dead somewhere. Somewhere they might be in a bad way. My heart hurts to think about it. Thinking about it makes me try to act, like I'm in a hurry to live. Haste breeds failure. --I know this deep down, but I still want to get what I want as soon as possible.
 I don't know when they'll find out about my plan. If the Kingdom of Migga finds out, I'll die and the beastmen will be in trouble.

 That's why I'm doing what I'm doing.

 I'm not telling anyone how I feel. There are no beastmen like me. I'm the only one who's in. I just happened to be favored by the lady and got this opportunity.
 The only people who are my friends or like-minded are the prince.

 There's no one else nearby that I can trust.
 The situation is disheartening. It makes me want to stop.

 No matter how many enemies are around you, no matter who you can trust, there is still something you want to accomplish.
 I don't know what will happen to me after the current situation that I'm living with so much care is over. I may lose motivation, as if I've run out of steam. I'll put that aside for the moment. I can think of all kinds of bad things. Better to act to get what you want than to think about it.

 --I've been working to gather information on the rebels on my own.
 I'm gathering information on my own. This kind of information gathering is only possible because I'm listening to the orders of the Kingdom of Migga and controlling the rebels.
 However, I don't think I'm really acting alone. I have a sense that someone is following me. No matter how much I work for my country, I'm a beast, so it's only natural that I stay alert. And even if I am left alone to gather information, it is within a limited range.
 I may be trusted, but I'm still just a beastman to humans.

 Still, as a beast, I can gather some information.

 Listen to your surroundings with all your senses.
 Any information, no matter how trivial, could lead to the movement of the rebels.

 You may hear that the royal family is dying one after another, or that the rebels are rumored to have a terrible demonic presence, or that the next rebel movement is coming.

 There is a lot of information coming in that may or may not be true.

 From that information, you think about how the rebels will act.
 --Thinking, and making it easier for the rebels to mess with us.

 That's what I'm here for.

 I don't have that much freedom. If we had more freedom, it would be easier to gather information, but we don't.
 From the information I gathered, I was able to guess what the rebels were doing.

 The prince would not give up and would work to achieve his goal at any cost. What would such a prince do?
 If you think about it, you know.
 The prince has a low reputation in the kingdom of Migga. If he goes missing, he's presumed dead. They don't expect much from him at all. They don't care if he's there or not.
 They probably don't even think that such a prince is leading a rebellion.

 That's why they'll take advantage of it. They don't think that the rebels will defeat the Kingdom of Migga at all. We have to do it while they're still on their guard.

 That's why I sent false information to the country, to throw the Kingdom of Migga into chaos.
 The kingdom nodded in agreement with my not unreasonable statement as a beastman.

 --I don't know if they really believe it. I don't know if they really believed me, but I think I was able to get the rebels to move more easily.

 Some time later, an operation was carried out based on my information.
 But the operation had little success. The insurgents were not hit. I was blamed for that, but I sincerely apologized. There were times when violence was directed at me when the lady was not around, but I was glad that it did not result in the defeat of the rebels.

 Then again, I gave the rebels information that would make it easier for them to move, information that would make them less suspicious, information that would make them say that they should.

 There were not many operations that were built from my information. But it is true that the insurgents grew stronger in those operations.

 And while doing so, ......, the royals became dead or alive.

 --The cat creates confusion.
 The cat told plausible stories based on what he knew, and slowly stopped the kingdom's army in its tracks. (The cat tells plausible stories based on the information he knows, and slowly stops the kingdom's army in its tracks.