273 Prince and Rebellion 5

 I'll kill my brothers while they're still underestimating me.
 That's what I decided, and I took action one after another.

 None of my brothers agreed with me. They are steeped in their father's way of thinking. ...... In fact, I'm more of a heretic as a prince of the Migga Kingdom, wondering why they don't treat people as human beings by forcibly reducing those who resist to slaves.

 As the seventh prince, I was a lowly prince, and I hadn't had that many conversations with my father, the king, as a father and son. He gave orders, and I carried them out. That was the extent of our relationship. I guess I was able to think this way because we were so far apart.
 Because I was a neglected prince, far from the throne, there were no people around me who could instill such thinking in me.

 On the other hand, my older brothers, whose mothers were of high rank, were around such people, and that's probably why they were imbued with such ideas.

 --Anyway, I killed the older brothers with my own hands without question.
 The only royalty left is your father, his wife, and two princesses. The kingdom of Migga had many princes, so that's all that's left.

 I don't think it would be so convenient to kill my father.
 If I kill my father and I'm the only prince left, there will be people who will rebel. I can say that the rebellion is coming together because I keep taking action.

 Of course, not all of them are united. Not all of the rebellion is going well. There have been casualties, some small.
 --The cat-beast seems to have ventured into the kingdom. People call it a traitor, but I don't think so. I don't think Dascha is really betraying the beastmen, even though he seems to be doing things to them.

 I can imagine that he is probably partly responsible for this ease of movement.

 Even if it's only one person, but even if it's only one person, it certainly has an effect on the people around. In fact, if the first one doesn't make a move, it's impossible for things to move.

"I'm going to kill my father.

 Next, I'll kill your father.
 Kill your father. That will be the beginning.

 I don't know how this country will work with that beginning.
 But I'm sure I'll do what I want.

 It's going to take more than just the rebels to kill my father. The princes are disappearing, and Father is wary of them, so it will be difficult to kill him by surprise.

 That's why I'm going to enlist the help of the dragon clans who haven't been active in the rebellion.
 I don't have much to offer them, but no matter what they say, I will act with their help.

 The dragons and I are not exactly friends. They are cooperating with me, but I don't know how far they will go.
 But if we've come this far, we have to do it.

 End this as soon as possible with as few casualties as possible.
 Because that's my goal.

 I'll do whatever it takes to get there. To make my goal come true.

 Kill your father and become king. And when I think of that, I think of Nina. Nina has decided to join me. Nina sent people to me. Nina's thinking of me. And I'm happy about that.
 But... I killed my family and I'm going to be king. It's working now, but it's not gonna work.

 Whether the rebellion succeeds or not, if I survive, I'll have to talk to Nina.

 After that, I told her about my plan to attack the king when the dragon people came. I was expecting them to refuse, but to my surprise, they readily accepted my proposal.

"You've shown us how serious you are about killing your relatives to make this happen.

 That's what the dragon tribe said.
 I guess that means that the dragons were watching me. I suppose they could have observed me without me knowing, given their physical prowess.

 --About two weeks later.

 I enlisted the help of the dragons and attacked my father.
 He had a lot of guards around him. I was determined to kill them if I had to. He wanted to avoid killing them as much as possible, but he could not kill his father if he said so.

What are you...?
Master Hiccup!

 There were people who knew my face.
 --People who'd been good to me.

 But that doesn't mean I can stop the wheels from turning.

Hiccup, what are you doing?
I don't think this country can go on like this. I'm going to kill your father for what he did to me.

 Then, looking straight into the eyes of my father, I raised my blade against him.

 --The Prince and the Rebellion 5
 The prince, with the help of the dragon tribe, attacked the king.