274 after the rebellion

 The king of Migga has been murdered.
 And it was the missing prince.

 This fact shocked not only the country, but also the surrounding countries.

 A mysterious prince who killed his brother, his father, and gained the support of non-human beings, who are considered beasts in the kingdom of Migga.

 Hiccuped Migga, the seventh prince of the kingdom of Migga.
 He has a beautiful appearance, and his figure seems to be a fake, a beauty that makes you sigh.

 --But that beauty has thorns, like a beautiful rose.

 The thorn that killed her father, her brother, her royal family.

 After the beautiful prince killed the king, he used his power to subdue those who opposed him.
 He used terrible magic and beasts such as beastmen and dragons to subdue those around him. Those who saw the way he sometimes took lives decided to join him.

 A terrible and ruthless prince.
 The prince becomes king. By virtue of his power.

 The people of the Kingdom of Migga were terrified that the ruthless prince would become king.
 They wondered what would become of the country. They also wondered what would happen to the relationship with the neighboring kingdom of Fairytlov.

 The prince had accomplished his rebellion with overwhelming power.
 The people around him would not leave him alone. He was trying to get closer to the one who would become the new king. Hiccup did not pay attention to his beautiful daughters, even when they were offered to him.

 Hiccup is not yet fully recognized as a king, though he is holding his own against those around him. In order to be recognized, Hiccup has to keep moving.

 To do so, Hiccup surprisingly chose to make beastmen and dragons his allies in becoming king after the success of the rebellion.
 There was a great deal of opposition to this, but Hiccup was able to suppress it.

 --And then there was the cat-beast who was on the side of the kingdom. Surprisingly, Hiccup did not punish the cat-beastmen who were rumored to exist in the country.
 The rebel beastmen stared at the cat-beastmen.
 The rebel beastmen also glared at the cat-beast, but Hiccup had a conversation with the cat-beast and did not punish it.

So that's your choice. Okay.

 After the conversation, Hiccup is said to have said these words to the cat-beast.

 What that choice was, Hiccup did not tell the others. However, the cat-beastman did not die, but continued to be employed by the kingdom.
 It was very repulsive to everyone, but Hiccup pushed through to keep him around.

 The cat-beast didn't change his attitude even after receiving Hiccup's kindness. The cat-beastman did not change his attitude despite Hiccup's kindness.

 --The Kingdom of Fairytlov chose to make peace with the Kingdom of Migga because the country was not yet stable.
 Fortunately for the Kingdom of Fairytlov, the fifth princess, Ninaef Fairlie, is Hiccup's fiancée. When he was a mere prince, he might not have been a suitable fiancée for the man who would become king. However, the Kingdom of Fairytlov chose Ninaev Fairly, an old friend, for the time being.

 And so, Ninaef Faerie went to the capital of the Kingdom of Migga almost alone, though she was accompanied by Hiccup, the King of Ruthlessness and the King of Cruelty.

Rebellion in the Kingdom of Migga.
It subsided when the Seventh Prince killed the royal family and became king.

 But that was just the beginning of the end.
 Where there is an end, there is a beginning. The fulfillment of a goal is the beginning of the fulfillment of the next goal.

 There is no end to any goal. It's just a matter of whether the person who wants to achieve the goal is satisfied with it or chooses to move on.

 Hiccup Migga is not a man who is satisfied with just becoming a king.
 --Hiccup Migga understands that this is a new beginning.

 The rebellion succeeded. The rebellion is successful. It's never over.
 From that point on, the new king's fight to get what he wants begins all over again.

 --After the Rebellion
 (The rebellion in the Kingdom of Migga comes to an end. The rebellion in the Kingdom of Migga ends with the Seventh Prince killing the royal family and becoming king. But that's only the beginning of the end. The ruthless king's battle to become king and achieve his next goal is about to begin.