275 Girl and people who came back 1

 I've been praying this morning.
 Pray that everyone who went out to explore will be safe. Such prayers.

 The place called Lelanda's Altar is being decorated little by little, thanks to the hard work of Ilm, Biller, and Fito. I wonder if it's okay that I'm the only one using it. I'm not sure if it's a good idea when I'm the only one using it, but I can't stop myself from seeing how happily they're making it look more and more gorgeous.
 Mr. Ran also said that I can do whatever I want with it.

 Not only my altar, but the other altars are being decorated little by little as well.
 It makes me realize that things are changing little by little.

 The people who went out to explore haven't come back yet.
 --A lot of time has passed since they went out to explore. I wonder where they are now. Are they safe now? That's what I worry about when I think about the people who went out to explore.

 Did they find anything in their search? I wonder if they found anything new.
 Change can be anxious, but it can also be fun. I believe that we can get through any change together.

"I don't pray to God, Lelanda.
Is that so?
"Pikiiiiiii. I myself am like a god. I believe in me!
"I see.

 As I listened to Doornea's words, I wondered if there were such beings who did not pray to God.
 I wondered why we pray to God. Hmmm... I don't know, even if I think about it that hard. The reason I thank and pray to the gods that influence me is because of the power that I have been given.
 I wonder if the beastmen and elves pray to their gods because they are fascinated by their power.

 Do you think that Doonaea, who doesn't pray to anyone and only believes in herself, believes in her own power and is confident in herself to the utmost extent?
 But maybe that's because even though Doanea has memories of Mr. D'Aulën, she was just born. I wonder if Mr. Doulourean is praying to someone. Maybe I'll ask him next time I visit him.

You've never met Nilshi and the others, have you? Let's say hello to them when they come back.
"Piquiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I'll allow you to greet them.

 He stroked the head of Doanea, who was talking in a pompous tone. Doanea has a pompous tone, but she doesn't mind me petting her head. In fact, she seems to be enjoying it. She's cute.

 Speaking of which, if it's a dragon, will it shed its skin?
 I wondered this as I touched its smooth scales.

"Hey, Doonea. Do you molt too?
"Of course I do.

 While we were having this conversation, the village started to get noisy.

 I had just left the altar and was relaxing with Doonaea at the edge of the village, but it was unusual for the village to become so noisy.

 I wondered if something had happened.
 But I don't have a bad feeling about it, so I don't think it's a bad thing. I think it's very helpful to know if it's a bad feeling or a good feeling.

 As I was thinking about this, I heard the voice of Gaius.

Gaius, what's wrong?

 Gaius came in, his face somewhat happy.
 Gaius's ears and tail were moving, and it was obvious that he was happy.

Nilshi and the others have come back!

 I couldn't help but exclaim.
 I was surprised at the timing, since I had just told him about Nilsi and the others.

 I wonder if the fact that Gaius is expressing so much joy means that everyone has returned safely. That's what I'm hoping for.

"Oh. They just came back a little while ago. Let's go see Lelunda.

 Oh, thank God. I'm glad you're home.
 I've been praying for you to come back, but I wasn't sure if you'd come back. I'm so relieved to know that he's back that I feel like I'm losing my strength.
 At any rate, I needed to see him properly and say, "Welcome home.

 With that in mind, I carried Doonaea on my back with Gaius and headed for the people who had returned.

 When we got there, everyone in the village was gathered there.
 And in the center of it all are Nilsi and Wanong. They look good. He's smiling at everyone.

Welcome back!

 I walked up to them and said in a loud voice, "Welcome home!

 I walked up to them and said welcome home in a loud voice. They heard my voice and turned to me and smiled, "I'm home.

 --The Girl and the People Who Came Back 1

 (People who had gone out to explore come back to the girl who is a goddess.