276 The girl and the people who came back 2

 I was happy that he smiled at me and said, "I'm home.
 When I touched his hand, I felt that he was alive, and it made me happy.

Lerunda, the village has changed a lot.
Yes, little by little, it is changing.

 Nilusi looked around and seemed surprised at the changes in the village. I haven't been out of the village, so I don't feel the changes as much as Nilshi and the others who have been out. But even I can see that things are changing little by little. But even I can see that things are changing little by little. It must seem like an astonishing change to the Nirsi who were out there.

What's wrong with the dragon?
Doanair is an offshoot of the gods of Bira and the others.

 I thought about what I could say to explain it to Nilshi, but she didn't seem to be able to understand it with just those words.

 Although I've become better at speaking than when we first met, I'm still not good at explaining things like this. I often think that it's great that people like Ran are good at explaining things.

Nilshi and the others, a lot has changed since you went exploring. Let me explain that to you as well. Tell us what information you've gotten out there, and what you've seen.

 Ran, who had been here for some time, called out to me in that way.

 That's right, I was so happy that Nilshi and the others had returned that I didn't pay attention to that part.

 When Ran told me this, I realized that I should let everyone relax, as they were probably tired after coming back from outside.

 I want to entertain everyone who comes back! So he asked them to sit down and offered them water from the well.
 Nirsi and the others asked if I could help, but I asked them to sit down, and the remaining people in the village took the food.
 When I cooked for them, they seemed to enjoy the food, which made me happy.

 We heard that it was a little difficult to get food outside the village. Fortunately, they didn't have trouble finding food, but the food was more bland than in the village.
 Nilusi told me that it was probably thanks to Lerunda that they were able to find food. I'm glad that my prayers made it easier for everyone to explore.

 My power is still unknown. I don't have any known powers as a godson. --But if there is even the slightest chance that my power will have an effect, then I will pray for it, even if it doesn't actually have any effect.

Nilsi, can you first tell me what it was like outside? After that, I'll explain to you how the village has changed.

 By the way, the place where we are all gathering now is the square by the spirit tree.
 Nilusi's expression was quizzical because Billa and Sadda were also there.

 When Nilusi and the others went out to explore, they had not yet been able to see Douroian, the god of Bira and the others, and Saddha had not yet become familiar with the village.

 Even the knights of the Kingdom of Migga were walking around the village, but only under certain conditions. This change may have been a surprise to Nilsi and the others. Especially since Nilusi had had his friends killed and his friends captured by the Migga Kingdom.

"Well, yes. First, we aimed to get out of the village and out of the forest. We searched through the deep forest. The first thing that stood out to me was that there were some sort of ruins in the forest and that there was a country we didn't know about just beyond the forest.

 Nilusi began to talk about it.

 This forest we live in is vast.
 We live in the forest, but we don't know everything there is to know about it. There are many demons, rich nature, and many dangerous places.
 But that's why we are able to live in this forest without the Kingdom of Migga or the Kingdom of Fairytlov reaching into it.

 --Ruins in the forest.
 I wonder if this is a sign that someone lived here. According to Nilsi's story, it is a decayed ruin. Nilusi says it's a decayed ruin. It's a place where no one has lived for a long time.

 I wonder if Doonaea, with her knowledge of Mr. D'Aulëan, would know about this.
 Thinking of this, she glanced at Doonaea, who was sitting quietly in her cage.

"Pikey, I know.
Tell me later.

 Since Nilshi and the others were reporting back to him, he decided to hear from Doanea after the conversation was over.


 Ran's eyes lit up, as if she was excited by the idea of ruins.

"Yes. The ruins were a place where people had probably been gone for more than a hundred years. No, maybe more. I searched the place to see if anyone was still alive, but there was no one. It was a rather large building. After checking there for a while, we started to make our way through the forest, looking for a place with people.

 Nilusi said, and continued.

"And after a long time, we made it through the forest. At the end of it, there was an open meadow and a small village.

 There are demons in the forest, and it can be dangerous. There are demons in the forest, and there are dangerous places, but Nilusi and the others managed to get through the forest while keeping an eye on their surroundings.

 --The Girl and the People Who Came Back 2
 (The girl listens to the people who came back.)