277 The girl and the people who came back 3

A settlement. Is that a human settlement?
Yes, it is. It was a human settlement. It belonged to a kingdom called Roonid.
I've never heard of that kingdom.
Yeah. I've never heard of it either. This forest is huge. I've never heard of it either.

 As we listened to Ran and Nilshi, we realized that we had come a long way.

 The country beyond this forest was a world we knew nothing about. I wondered what kind of people lived there. And what did Nilshi see there?

It seemed to be a land populated mainly by humans, but there were other races as well. They looked different from Sireva and the others, but they were probably elves. There was also a race that was slightly shorter than humans. I didn't see them in that village, but when I went to a larger town, I saw them.
"Well, well! Please tell me more about what kind of species they were!
...... Ran, I'll explain the species to you later, just listen to me.

 I've never seen a race like that before, and I'm intrigued. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea. I've heard that there are elves in the world who have contracts with spirits of other attributes.
 If that's the case, I'd like to meet them. Most of the spirits in this village are earth spirits. There are only a few wind spirits like Freneh. I wonder what the other spirits are like.
 And what kind of people are these short people?

From what I saw in the city, it seems that humans and other races have a reasonably friendly relationship in that country. Of course, there were no conflicts between races, but I thought that was an ideal. It was the largest country in the world, so it was not without slaves. However, it seems that in that country, they don't attack you and force you into slavery just because you are a beastman. I couldn't see any beastmen, so there might not be any beastmen in that country. I couldn't find out anything about that.
 I also got some money. We've memorized the route to that country, so next time we'll be able to get there and back more easily. That's all we have to report.
"Just knowing that there's a country beyond the forest is enough. I'm also relieved that you came back safely.

 I nodded in agreement with Dong's words.
 Nilshi and the others had gone out to explore for the sake of this village. Regardless of the results of their search, I'm happy that they've come back. I'm sure everyone feels the same way.

Yes, sir. I'm so relieved that you came back safely. I'm also relieved that you came back safely. This is good news. Are you sure they didn't recognize you as a beastman?
"Yes. I tried to keep that from them. You'll be fine. I made sure to cover my tracks when I came back to this village.
I'm glad to hear that. This village is still small. We're not prepared for anything. We have to be very careful because if anything happens to us, we'll be in trouble.

 As I listened to Ran-san and Nilshi-san's conversation, I thought, "That's right.

 I'm excited to meet new people, but I don't know what kind of impact a completely unknown country will have on our village.
 I don't have a bad feeling now, but maybe I will have a bad feeling when I visit the country.

 The village is getting ready. If the country we come in contact with has a bad influence on us, we will be in trouble.
 It seems like a very calm and gentle time that lasts forever, but it doesn't.
 --The scene before us could disappear in an instant, just as it did when Athos died and we were forced to leave the village we lived in.

So, how did it go over here?
"Well... First of all, let me explain the dragon that Lelunda is carrying. The god of the winged ones is a giant dragon. The dragon wished to meet Lerunda, and Lerunda went to meet it. And this dragon is an offshoot of that god.
"What? You made me do such a dangerous thing?

 Nilshi shouted at Ran's words, and the others who had gone out to explore looked at me.

Lelanda said she didn't have a bad feeling about it and wanted to go see him, so I went to see him, promising to come back safely. Lelunda received the god's alter ego, and Bila and the others became friends with us.
...... Well... Well, I hope you're okay. That thing you're carrying isn't dangerous, is it?

 Nilsin looked at Doornea.
 This is the first time I've ever been to the beach.

I'm not going to do that!

 With those words, Doanea let out a stream of magic power--I have to stop her.
 The girl and the returned people 3.

 --The Girl and the Returned 3
 The girl was excited to hear the report and to meet new people. At the same time, she feels the need to be cautious.