278 The girl and the people who came back 4

It's okay. Doonair wouldn't do that. I don't even have a bad feeling about it.

 I told Nilshi and the others as if to reassure them.

 It was understandable that the Nirsies, who had just met Doanea, would be wary of her.
 But I hope they get along.

I hope they get along." "...... Oh, okay.

 Nilusi didn't seem to be completely convinced, but he did say so.

 It is possible that she is wary of dragons, which are a completely different kind of existence, since even among the same people they can't understand each other.
 The gryphons were easy to accept because they were gods to Athos and the others, but dragons are probably demons that the beastmen have never had anything to do with.

The other thing is.... And then there was the interaction with the people from the Kingdom of Migga. ...... Nilshi, I know you have mixed feelings, but please listen to me calmly.
......I understand.
There is no hostility between them and this village is short of people. Nilusi and others may see people from the Migga Kingdom in the village. If you feel distressed, please talk to someone. Don't keep it all to yourself. I can't say I know how you feel, but I can listen to you.

 Ran said, looking around at the people who had returned from the search.

 I lost my home to the Kingdom of Migga. The scars are still there. I'll always have the pain of losing Athos, too. I'm sure it's not something that will go away easily.

 This village is slowly becoming more crowded. And there are all kinds of people.
 It's unsettling to see the peaceful village change. But we have to move forward to realize our goal.

 After that, the reports of those who remained in the village and those who went out to explore continued.
 By the end of the long report, some of them were paddling their boats. It was a long story. Those who were asleep were warned by those around them that they were talking about something important.

 After the report, I went to Mr. Lan's place.
 While the villagers were going back to their houses after the report, Mr. Lan was talking to Ms. Nilsi.

"Aren't you tired, Mr. Nilsi? Aren't you going back?
No, I'm going back, but ...... I thought you were still the same. When we were discussing it earlier, you seemed to be enjoying yourself. ......
Of course it's fun. There are so many unknowns and so much more to learn.

 I really think that you haven't changed since we first met.
 You always seem to be having fun and working hard at what you want to do.

"What are you laughing at?
No, we were talking about how this village might have changed drastically while we were away from our explorers, and become something we didn't know it could be. This village has just been established, and it's changing rapidly.
Well, why would you say that?
What's with the ...... voice?
Surprising. I thought Nilsi was a bit more brazen than that. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.
...... Oh, forget about that! For now, I'm relieved to see that you haven't changed at all. This village is changing, but Lan and the others haven't changed at all.
That's not surprising. It's not that easy to change.

 Ran and Nilshi were having this conversation. Mr. Ran noticed me approaching and turned to look at me.

"Oh, Lelanda, what's wrong?
Lelanda, what's wrong?" "Doonaea said she knew about the ruins. I thought I'd talk to Ran-san about it.
What? What, that dragon, does he know about that too?

 When I answered Ran-san's question, Nilusi-san gave a quizzical look to Doanea.
 Doanea is making a disgusted squeal at being looked at like that. But perhaps because she was stopped from trying to intimidate me earlier, she is not trying to intimidate me.

"Yeah. Doonaea has memories of Mr. Douroian. Oh, Dourouin is the god of the Villagers.
"Wow, ...... you know a lot for a little guy.

 Nilusi looked at Doonaea with admiration.

Nirsi looked at Doornea with admiration.

 Nirushi and the others had no idea. Nilusi and the others couldn't understand what Doornea was saying, so it would just look like she was whimpering.

"Well, that's just great! By all means, tell us about those ruins, Doanea?
Then I'll tell you what I said.

 I'll tell you what I said to Ran-san and the others." Ran-san asked, and Doanea, in a good mood, began to tell them about the ruins that she had learned from Douroian-san's knowledge.

 --The Girl and the Returned 4

 (The girl will talk to the lady about the ruins after she finishes her report.