279 A Girl and the Story of a Decayed Ruins 1

 That's how the story of Doanea began.
 Does this mean that Mr. Dourouian has a memory of the time when people used to live here? Or perhaps Mr. Douroian has been living here all his life? 

 Doanea says.
 This land was inhabited long ago, hundreds of years ago. And it was a big country.

 Now, the forest we live in is vast and full of demons and threats. That's why we're living here. It is because we are in this forest that we have not been interfered with by the Kingdom of Fairytlov and the Kingdom of Migga because of the danger.
 Looking at the greenery spreading out in front of us, it's hard to imagine that there was once a place so big that it was called a country.

 That place was destroyed a long time ago.

(This country experimented with magic. It got out of control and the country perished. This place was no longer livable for a while.

 It seems that the vastly prosperous country conducted dangerous experiments at some point.
 It is said that its magical experiments caused it to run out of control. And for a time, this land was no longer a place to live.

What do you mean, it's no longer a place to live? I didn't even know there was such a country!

 ...... When I translated Doanea's words and explained them to Ms. Lan, she said this with a twinkle in her eye.
 When I translated Doonaea's words to Ran, she said with a twinkle in her eye, as if she was truly happy to learn something new.

"It's too high.
Will that make it uninhabitable?
"Yes. If the concentration of magic is too high, most of the living things can't live and even plants can't grow. After that, this area became a place where nothing could grow for a while.

 This is really unbelievable. But it seems that such a thing actually happened a long time ago, and everything could not survive.

"How did you get to this point?

 "How did you get to this point?" asked Fresne, who had been silently listening to the story.
 Fresne floated in the air, listening to Doornea's story with great interest.

And thanks to my father's work, too.
"Mr. Douroian?
Yes. My father decided to live here where there is no trouble. He was annoyed by the humans trying to defeat him.

 It seems that the dragon Douroian was able to live in a place where no one lived.
 Even if he hadn't done anything, there were people who wanted to defeat a demon as powerful as Douroian. I'm not sure why they would do such a terrible thing, but it seems that because they are powerful, they are afraid to act that way.

 I can intuitively understand a lot of things, but I guess people try to act like that because they don't understand.

After my father started living here, a human god child came to kill him, and they became friends. (It seems that the gods had no problem with the concentration of magic power.
"Heh, .......

 I'm not sure what to make of this.
 Or is it just a characteristic of that divine child? I wonder if the godson that Douroian-san said came to defeat him but became his friend is that being.

 It seems that Douroian's stay in this place has gradually improved his magic power.

"Pikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. (Also, as time passed and nature gradually increased in this place, a demon child appeared. The child loved this place. At his request, the place became more and more hospitable to creatures.

 There was a country, which was destroyed and became uninhabitable.
 There was a country that fell into ruin and became a no-man's land. Mr. Douroian lived there, and as time passed, the land became more and more habitable.
 Then, a demon child appeared in the land, and by his wish, the land became habitable for living beings.

 The reason why this forest is rich in nature and full of demons is because of the ongoing influence of the demon child.
 The reason why this forest is rich in nature and full of demons is because of the influence of the godson.
 This wish has continued and this place has been transformed into a place where demons can live easily.

A place that flourished so much because of the wish of a demon child who had lived a full life! Oh, how worthy of study!
Lan, calm down!

 When I explained, Ran-san was extremely excited. Nilshi stopped him.

Doonea, you said that the Drowans came here after there were people living here, how did the Drowans know about the country that was here?
How did you know about this country?
Oh yeah, .......

 It seems that the demon Douroian-san knows a lot about the country from his friend Kamiko.

 --The girl and the decaying ruins 1
 (The girl who was a godson found out that humans used to live in this land.