280 The Story of a Girl and decaying ruins 2

'So what lies in those decaying ruins? Do you know the area? How big was the country? What lies in that place?
 If there are artifacts lying in the ruins, we can figure out how long it's been since they were there.

"La, Ran, I know you're curious, but you need to calm down.

 After listening to the story of the ruins, Mr. Lan went to Doornea with vigor. He then shook her and asked her a question, causing Doornea to make a dubious sound.
 The next moment, she was blown away, as if she was annoyed. But only lightly.

"Hey, Lan, are you okay?
Doonea! You can't blow me up!

 Nilshi ran up to Ran, and I warned her about Doornea.
 Nilusi runs over to Ran and I warn her. Well, I know you're taking it easy on her.

I'm fine. I got a little carried away myself. Doonea, I'm sorry.

 Even though they couldn't understand each other, Lan knew that Doanea had forgiven him and smiled.

Ran-san, do you want to go and investigate the ruins?
"Yes. Yes, of course. Of course, we will be investigating the settlement that Nilusi and the others found, but since the ruins are closer in distance, we would like to investigate them first. It would be a good idea to make an expedition just for the purpose of investigating the ruins. In that case, I would definitely like to join the expedition.
I want to go, too.

 When I said that, both Ran and Nilshi pretended to think about it.

 I want to go and see the ruins too. I also want to see the ruins and the village that lies further away. It's probably safer to stay in this village forever.
 I know that. But even though I know that, I want to do more for everyone, and even if I'm a godson, I want to work for this village just like everyone else.

 After hearing about the ruins, I'm also interested in them.
 I wonder what they are like, what I can find there... such curiosity is growing inside me.

That's right. It might be a good idea for Lerunda to go to the ruins. I want Lerunda to stay in the village and not be in danger, but I know you don't want that. Then I will encourage it.
 The best place to go in Lernda is a deserted place. You never know what will happen in a crowded village. If Lerunda does go, it would be best to do more research first.
I agree. Maybe that's better. The village will be interacting with different people than before. I was able to come back this time, but I don't know if I'll be able to come back this time. I think it would be better if we gather more information first.

 That's how they answered me.

 I was glad that they agreed to go to the ruins.
 However, perhaps because I am still a child, or perhaps because I am a child of the gods, I should not suddenly go to places where there are people.

 For example, we still don't know if the place Nilusi visited is an enemy or a friend of ours.
 Mr. Lan said that if they knew that I was a godson - or even if they knew that I had special powers - they might try to use me.

Lern Da himself may be fine. But if a group with great power targets us, I don't know if I and the others will be safe. I want to do my best to make sure everyone survives.

 I have powers no man has. That's true. But that power has been proven not to be all-powerful, whether it's with Athos or Roma.
 I don't have universal power.
 Maybe, as Ran says, if I just stay safe, I can live. If I can live in a place where I can somehow feel alive, then there is no problem.
 But I want to live with everyone.

 That's why I have to make sure I don't act carelessly.

 Of course there is a possibility that something inconvenient will happen if I go to the ruins. I don't even know what effect my leaving the village will have on the village.
 But in the end, even if I stay in the village for a long time, it doesn't mean that everything is safe.

You're right. ...... I'm tired, I'm going to bed, we'll talk about this later.
"I'm sorry to keep you when you're tired. Please get some rest.

 Our conversation ended when Nilshi went back to his house.
 Mr. Lan also said, "Let's talk about the ruins again, including Mr. Dong.

 That day, I went home with Mr. Ran and fell asleep.

 --The Girl and the Rotten Ruins 2
 (The girl, a child of the gods, asks to go to the ruins.