281 Girl and second picture book 1

 It's been a while since Nilsi and the others came back.

 Nilsi and the others who had gone out to explore are resting slowly. The policy is to rest and not do anything for a while.

 The stories that Nilshi and the others brought back are being compiled by Ran, Dong and the others. They seem to be discussing the future in consideration of that story. Mr. Ran and the others will probably decide to go to the ruins in order to make it happen.

 Now, Mr. Lan, who is supposed to be busy discussing the future, is standing in front of me with his eyes shining.

 While I was relaxing after lunch, Mr. Lan and Mr. Ilum came over. Mr. Lan was holding a book in his hand.
 I wondered what it was. As I wondered what it was, Mr. Lan held it out to me and spoke.

"Lelunda, I've made a prototype of my second picture book!
"Lelunda, we must make it even better!

 The priestess, Ilum, is really enthusiastic.
 The first picture book, "Lelunda, the Girl: A Meeting with a Horse," is being spread throughout the village. I sometimes see Ms. Ilum reading to the children. It seems that she is also spreading the book to people from the Kingdom of Migga.

 I heard that Mr. Ran was working on his second picture book even though he was busy with various things in this village. He really seems to be doing everything he can when he decides to do something, to the point that I wonder when he takes a break.
 It seems that Mr. Ran gave me a prototype of a picture book.
 I looked at the prototype with Doonaea, the gryphons, Sipho, and Frene.
 Some of the gryphons are not here because they are out hunting, but the contracted beasts that are still in the village are flocking to the book.

I see Raymer is on the cover this time.
"Gururururururu. You're not fair.
"I liked the cover too.

 This time, the cover is Raymer and me.
 Raymer on the cover is gold. So I guess we'll get to the part where I make a contract with Raymer.
 Lema and Luma say they wish they were on the cover.

"Lema, Luma, you're on the back cover.
"Guru? (What?)

 Mr. Ran doesn't understand what Lema and Luma are saying, but he seems to know what they are talking about and says so.
 Both Lema and Luma sounded surprised for a moment at his words.

 Lema excitedly and dexterously turned the book over, and sure enough, there were four child gryphons written on the back cover.

(I'm on it too! I'm so happy)
"We're on it!

 Lema and Luma are shouting happily because they are on the back cover.
 I thought it was cute that Lema and Luma were so happy because they were on the back cover.

 Ran-san strokes the happy Lema and Luma.

"Hee hee hee.
"Peek-a-boo, I'm not here either!
I think Sifo's in there. I don't know about Doanea. I haven't seen him yet either.

 Sifo, Doornea, and Fresne share their thoughts.
 I think it would be fun to publish a picture book until Frené and Doaneia appear. I feel a little embarrassed.

I wonder if I will ever be depicted in this Bible. What a happy thing that would be. Just to be able to serve Lernda like this is a heavenly feeling, but to be in the Bible?
"Mr. Illume ....... It's not a Bible, is it? It's just a picture book, right? It might be like a Bible to you, Mr. Illume.

 I'm not sure what the Bible is. I don't know about the Bible, but it's not at all what I would call a holy book. .......
 Ran's correction doesn't seem to have been heeded by the excited Illume.

I'm not sure what to make of it. Let's go inside.
"I should be the one to draw it.

 I'm sure you'll be able to guess what I'm talking about.
 Doanea insists that she doesn't have her own picture! I think I'll ask her to draw a picture for me later. If I tell the Villers, they might do it for me.
 But if Doanea is a god to them, do you think they'll hesitate to paint her?

 As I was surrounded by everyone, I turned to the cover of my second picture book, "Lelanda, the Girl: An Encounter with a Griffon.

 --The Girl and the Second Picture Book 1
 The girl is shown a prototype of the second picture book by the lady.