282 Girl and second picture book 2

 The title page shows the same picture of Raymer and me as on the cover.

 The girl is being led by a horse through the forest.

 With this sentence, there is a picture of me riding on a sifo.
 Then it shows us going deeper into the forest, and Sifo shouts happily that it is her painting.

 The gryphons seemed to be itching to see if I was still there.
 Thinking it was cute, I turned the page.

"And the girl met the gryphon.
 There is an illustration of me standing anxiously beside a sifo in front of a group of gryphons.

 At first, I was terrified of the gryphons. Surrounded by monsters larger than myself, I was terrified.
 It's hard to believe, now that I think about it. Now, the gryphons and I are good friends, which may surprise those who only know us now.

The gryphons are kind to the girl.
 The girl was reassured by their kindness.

 The illustration shows me smiling reassuringly as the gryphons gave me some fruit. The gryphons were kind to me when I first met them.

"And the girl fell asleep as if relieved.

 The illustration shows me falling asleep surrounded by gryphons. I am happy to be asleep with Raymer, the child gryphons, Sipho, and them.
 It feels good to sleep together like this, so I thought about taking a nap with them outside.

"In the gryphon's nest, a girl began to live.

 The spread shows a picture of me and my gryphon's life.
 I felt a sense of wonder and joy that the precious days I spent with the gryphons and Sipho, brushing their hair and searching for fruits, had taken shape in this picture book.

One day, a gryphon came back injured.
 With such a sentence, there is an illustration of me in front of an injured Raymer, looking dazed and confused.

 The baby gryphons were squealing happily, "Gurururururururu! (We are in the book!)" they squeal happily as they look into the book.
 The child gryphons are at my feet, too.

"The girl prays.
"May none of my loved ones be hurt any more.

 It shows me praying and a wounded Raymer.

"And then the miracle happened.
The gryphon's injuries were healed.
The gryphon's injuries were healed and he turned to gold.

 In fact, I believe Raymer turned to gold while I was asleep, but for the sake of clarity in the storybook, Raymer is turning to gold right in front of me.

The girl was able to communicate with the gryphons.

 That was the end of the book.
 The book ends with the words, "The girl has communicated with the gryphons," just as I prayed and turned Raymer into a "Knight of the Divine Child.

"Hee hee hee.
"Gurururururu (I'm glad you're in the back too)
It's not fair.
"I'm going to be in a picture book too. I'm looking forward to it.

 Sifo and the others were giving their impressions of the book.

What do you think? Is there anything that could be improved?
"No. Not at all. Not at all. I think it's a very nice book.

 That's all I can say when Mr. Ran asks me that question.
 Mr. Ran smiles contentedly at my words. It makes me happy to see you laughing like this.

"You'll be in the book in a little while, won't you, Mr. Ran?
"That's right. I'm not sure if I'll be in the next story, but I'll be in it soon. I'm a little embarrassed to be in a picture book, but I wouldn't be in a picture book if I didn't have this opportunity. I'm looking forward to it.
"You're all going to be in it, right? I'm looking forward to it too.

 A book about me. A book about me. A book that will include all the people who live in this village. It's a story of how this precious place that we are building little by little came to be.
 I wondered how everyone would be portrayed in the book.
 When I think about it, I look forward to it. Of course, there is some embarrassment, but .......

I think you should publish more picture books at a faster pace in order to convey the wonderfulness of Ms. Lerunda. It's important to tell the story of Lerunda's life.
"Ms. Illume, while it is important to make a picture book about Lerunda, ...... there are still many things that need to be done in this village. Besides, it's more effective to publish these books in small intervals. If you publish one book after another, you will only run out of stock.

 ...... Ms. Lan was trying to calm Mr. Ilum, who was burning with the desire to produce more picture books.
 In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find a lot more information on the web. She immediately flipped her hand.

 It seems that she plans to make a finished version of this book by my birthday.
 The prototype was so good that I was looking forward to seeing how the finished product would turn out.

 --The Girl and the Second Picture Book 2
 The little girl looks through her second picture book and her heart is racing.