283 A girl and a person heading to the kingdom 1

Lerunda, come here.

 I'm out hunting with Gaius and Kayu.
 Wannon and Sifo are going with him, so it's okay for the kids to go hunting alone.
 He also has Doonaea on his back. If something happens, Doonaea will be there to help you.

 And Gaius, Kayu and the others are getting older and older, it's strange to think that in a few more years they'll be old enough to be called adults. I think that it will take me a little longer to become an adult than everyone else.

 I'm happy to be able to hunt for you.
 I use my magic to hunt with the gryphons and siefos.

 I can use my magic better than before.

 I was carrying Doonaea on my back until halfway through the hunt, when Gaius took over. I wanted to experiment with the wings I had been able to make with magic.
 It's hard to carry a basket with magic wings.

 Doanea, who is still in the cage, looks a little unhappy, but I told her not to participate in the hunt because she is still small.
 If I ask Doonaea, she'll say I can do it right now, or should I go ask Douroian-san?
 With these thoughts in mind, I used my wings to soar through the air.

 Because I've been practicing, I feel like I'm much better with my wings than before.
 It makes me happy to be able to do more and more things little by little.

Lelunda, you're amazing.
"Gaius too!

 Gaius praised me for hunting the demon, and I smiled back.

 Kayu and the others were also hunting with great enthusiasm, saying, "I'm not going to lose either.
  (Good hunting, but I want to do it too)," Doanea was saying to them.

 I thought to myself, "I'll have to discuss with Ran and the others when Doanea can start hunting.

 The hunt ended with a bang. After hunting some demons, we returned to the village with them in our hands.
 The beastmen, including Gaius and the others, brought more demons than I did. We returned to the village, thinking that everyone would be happy that we had hunted so many demons.

 When we got back to the village and showed them our demons, Dong and Oshacio praised us.
 Then we dismantled them and put them in the savings account. I helped in the dismantling process. As for the dismantling, Mr. Illume and Mr. Biller sometimes ask me if I want to do it, but in the end I accept it because I want to do it.

After leaving Gaius and Kayu, I headed back home.

 As I was walking home, I saw Nilusi talking with some cat beasts from the Kingdom of Migga.
 I've seen Nilsi visiting them often since she came back from exploring. Nirushi wants to help the beastmen who are being held captive by the Kingdom of Migga.
 To that end, he has been having a lot of discussions with them since he came back from exploring.

 Currently, we don't know what's going on in the Kingdom of Migga and the Kingdom of Fairytlov.
 All I know is what Saddha and the others have told me. I wonder if both of them have changed now.

"I'm home.
Welcome home.

 When I returned home, I was greeted by Ran and the other gryphons who had stayed behind.

 When I returned home, I was greeted by Ran and the rest of the gryphons.

How was your day, Lerunda?
We hunted a lot of demons today.
That's good to hear. Lerunda is getting really strong.

 "Lerunda is getting really strong," Ran said, taking notes on what I was saying.
 As usual, Ran-san listens to me a lot and tries her best to summarize my story.

 She also writes quickly and beautifully, which impresses me every time.

By the way, Lerunda, I've decided to allow the knights to go to the Kingdom of Migga.
To the Kingdom of Migga?
Yes. We've decided there's no problem. I also think that knowing the situation in the Kingdom of Migga will help Nilsi and his friends. Lerunda, do you care about Alice?
About my sister?
Yes. If you go to the Kingdom of Migga, you will also get information about the Kingdom of Fairytlov. You'll also get to know about your sister Alice. If you're interested, I can ask you to gather information on Alice.

 I don't know if I care about my sister.
 In the village where I grew up, my sister was a distant presence. My parents didn't allow me to have much to do with her, so I just did what I was ordered to do, but I never talked to her.

 I have no ill feelings toward my sister. On the contrary, I don't even recognize her as family.
 But I do know that my sister is my blood relative.

...... might bother you a little.
Well. I'll let Lerunda know when I've gathered more information on Alice.

 He smiled and patted me lightly on the head.

 It seems that the knights and merchants that Saddha brought with her are going to the kingdom.
 He said that the beastmen would not be heading there this time, as they did not know what the Migga Kingdom was like yet.

 --The girl and the people going to the kingdom 1
 (The girl comes home from hunting and hears the story.)