284 A girl and a person heading to the kingdom 2

I'm going to gather some information about Alice.
If possible, I will also go to the Kingdom of Fairytlov. I don't know what's going on in the Kingdom of Migga and the Kingdom of Fairytorff, so I'll have to check on that as well.

 The person in front of me saying this was Quay, a female merchant who had come here with Saddha.

 She is a woman in her forties with brown hair and freckles, and she is one of the people who have decided to go to the Kingdom of Migga this time.
 She had lost her husband a few years ago, and said, "I have nothing to lose now, and I will do my best for Botchan.

 By the way, Botchan is Saddha-san.
 They call him that because they have known him for a long time.

 Even though I'm trying to find my way to the Kingdom of Migga, this forest is a dangerous place.
 Ran said that because of my power as a divine child, there is no damage from demons, but normally there should be more damage from demons.

 The Kingdom of Migga...... the country that killed Athos-san . The prince from that time is taking action. I know this because I've heard about it, but I don't know what's going to happen as a result of his actions in this forest.

 And about my sister.
 I don't know how she's doing in the princess's care.

 They're supposed to bring back all the information this village needs.
 In the worst case, they might take the knights of the Kingdom of Migga and the Kingdom of Fairytlov to attack this village. ...... and I heard that Nilsi and the others were opposed to their going to the Kingdom of Migga.

 However, I don't have a bad feeling about them. And from what I've seen of Mr. Lan and Mr. Dong, they don't seem to think that they would willingly turn against us. That's why they're going to the Kingdom of Migga.

 --I don't know what information they will bring back.
 I am hoping that something will happen that will have a positive impact on this village.

 Of course, there are still people who have bad feelings toward the merchants and knights from the Kingdom of Migga. However, through spending time with them in their stores and having them train with them, the distance between them is gradually growing.
 Gaius is also very motivated to become stronger than Sadonid-san.

 That's why everyone in the village is calling out to them, "Be careful" and "Please come back safely" as they head for the kingdom.
 We may not be on the same level of mutual trust, but we have become close enough to wish them well.

 I, too, call out to them on their way to the kingdom.

"Take care. I hope you come back safely.

 I'm going to pray this time too.
 I don't know how much my prayers will help, but I'm going to pray at the altar for their safe return.

When you say that, Lelunda, I really feel like I can come back safely.

 Quay said and smiled.
 She smiled and said, "When you say so, Lelanda, I really feel that I can come back safely.

 The life of people from the Kingdom of Migga is still very unpredictable, but when we were allowed to go out for a while, we talked.
 Mr. Quay is a kind man. I personally like his smile.

"...... I want you to come back alive. I'm going to surpass you!
"Yeah. I'll definitely come back. I'll definitely be back, and I'm looking forward to being strong again when I get back.

 Incidentally, Sadnid is also heading to the Kingdom of Migga this time.

 Sadonid is talking with Gaius and has a strong-willed look in his eyes. His eyes are telling me that he will definitely come back here for the future.

If we can keep up, we'll be safe.
"Yes. But we're going to the Kingdom of Migga this time, and if we're not found, we'll be in trouble. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this. ......

 I'm sure Sipho and the gryphons could have chosen to go with me, but this time my precious family won't be going with me.

 While I was having this conversation with Sifo, it was time for the people to leave for the kingdom.

 They were heading with as few people as they could count. Even if they know the way, it doesn't mean that there are no dangers waiting for them. There might be people who can't come back, and people who can come back.

 I prayed to God that they would return safely to ....... I prayed to God that they would return safely to .......

 --The girl and the people going to the kingdom 2
 The girl who is a child of God sees off those who are going to the kingdom. And I prayed for their safe return.