285 My sister and the answering machine

'Master Ninaev ......, I hope you're okay.'

 I muttered, looking outside the house.

 It's a beautiful day, and the blueness of it makes me feel refreshed. But my anxiety is growing inside me.

 --Mr. Ninaev is currently on his way to the neighboring kingdom of Migga. It seems that Ninaev's fiancée, a prince named Hiccup Migga, has led a rebellion in the neighboring kingdom. I also heard that he became a king.
 I don't know much about the details. Still, I know that it is a big deal for Ninaev to go to the Kingdom of Migga.
 I wanted to be by Ninaev's side. I wanted to go to the MIGGA Kingdom with Ninaev even if it was dangerous.

 But Ninaev wouldn't let me.
 I was once in the temple of the Kingdom of Fairytlov as a divine child. My position is still very delicate.
 Ninaef-sama is going to Migga Kingdom once for peace. He said he would come back to us.
 He laughed and said that if Ninaef really did marry into the Kingdom of Migga, then we would discuss how to deal with me.

 --When you come back, let's discuss about the future.

 He smiled gently at me. I remember the smile of Mr. Ninaev very well.

 My choice is ...... for now, I want to stay with Mr. Ninaev.
 I wish I could be with Ninaev. But that may be difficult. No matter how much I want to, Ninaef-sama might object.

 To be by Ninaef-sama's side.
 How much good will come of it, and how much bad? You have to think about that too.

 You have to think about that too, and make the right choice. If you don't, Ninaef-sama won't allow you to stay with him.

 If I tell the people in the house that I want to be with Ninaev-sama, they will tell me ...... and other things so that I can get the means to be with Ninaev-sama.
 I learned a lot from Ninaev's help. Even when Ninaev's fiancée was in trouble in a neighboring country, I couldn't do anything about it because Ninaev always gave me what I needed.
 I want to help Ninaev, too. That's what I want.

Alice, you're doing great. You're getting very good at making tea, aren't you?
Thank you.

 I'm learning to be a lady's maid for Ninaev. I have learned that the more I can do, the more ways I can be near Ninaev.

 The maid's uniform I am wearing now is a little different from everyone else's. It seems that the people who live in the mansion and the people in the town wanted to make something that would suit me, so they made it for me.
 While the maids at the mansion were wearing black, the dress made for me was pink and had many frills, making it look like both a dress and a maid's dress.

 I've been given a lot of things in my life, but I don't know, the things I've received since I met Ninaef have warmed my heart and made everything special for me.

 This is the first time that Master Ninaev has left this residence for a long period of time, and I feel very nervous.
 Perhaps it is because Ninaev is the person I trust the most.

 If it had been me when I first came to this mansion, I would have been nervous, lonely, and anxious.
 If you think about it, it might have been good timing for Ninaef-sama to leave this house at this moment.

 I was able to get along with the people of the mansion, and I didn't feel lonely because of their presence.

I'll do my best so that Master Ninaev will praise me when he comes back.

 I'm worried that Ninaev won't be there, and I'm worried that I won't be in danger - I have these feelings, but I'm sure that Ninaev will praise me for doing what I can do, rather than me sitting around.

 I like to be praised by Ninaev.
 You did a great job, Alice. I like it when he smiles at me like that.

 There's not much I can do while I'm away in the kingdom of Failytrov. Still, I'll do what I can, one step at a time.

 With this determination in my heart, I learned many things from the people of the house.

 --Detention with my sister
 My sister stays at the mansion. And continue to learn many things in the house. (She stays at the mansion and continues to learn a lot in the mansion.