286 Princess, to the king

It's been a long time. Master Hiccup. Congratulations on your succession to the throne.

 I, Ninaef Faerie, am here with my fiancé, Lord Hiccup Migga.

 My fiancée, who successfully rebelled and became king.
 After several years of not being able to see him in person, I am finally meeting him face to face.
 Due to the civil war in the Kingdom of Fairytlov and the rebellion of the different races in the Kingdom of Migga, we were unable to meet, even though we were neighbors.

 Lord Hiccup is a ruthless king, a murderer of parents.
 That's what they call him and they fear him. I heard many rumors about Hiccup before I came here.

 Many of my men objected to my going to Hiccup almost alone, saying it was dangerous.
 But I wanted to see Hiccup.

 My brother also said it was dangerous, but he allowed me, the fifth princess, to go to Hiccup.
 This was because I was not in a special position even though I was a princess. At times like this, I was really glad that I was the fifth princess.

 Master Hiccup has certainly changed since we last met.
 Back then, Hiccup was just a person who listened to what his father, the king, told him to do. He had no intention of doing anything on his own. For Hiccup to kill the king and inherit the throne was a big change.

 Still, I was sure that no matter how much he changed, his fundamental character would remain unchanged.

"Nina, long time no see.

 In fact, Master Hiccup gave me a soft smile.
 I was surprised by that soft smile. I had never thought that Hiccup could smile so softly at me.
 The old Hiccup was like a doll with no feelings. He didn't seem to feel anything, he was just alive.
 I was happy to see Hiccup smiling like this.

 I don't think Hiccup is the kind of person who is rumored to be a ruthless king. It is true that he killed his parents, but the fundamental part of him has not changed, and he killed his parents and became king because he had to.

 I would never be afraid of such a hikku.

 By the way, it's just me and Hiccup here now.
 The people of the Kingdom of Migga stopped Hiccup, saying that it was dangerous for him to be alone with the royal family of a neighboring country, even though he was my fiancée, but Hiccup insisted on being alone with me.
 I was happy to think that this was a sign of Master Hiccup's trust in me. I was glad to think so.

"Master Hiccup, my country, the Kingdom of Fairytlov, wishes to make peace with the Kingdom of Migga.
"Yes. That's good. Let's make peace officially.

 ...... I wondered if it was such a simple decision to make peace. I wondered if it would be a good idea to make peace so easily, but it seems that even within the country, the Kingdom of Migga is in turmoil due to the rebellion, and they have concluded that there is no time for war with the neighboring countries.
 It was true that the Migga Kingdom was in a certain state of disarray due to the rebellion on the road.
 On top of that, I felt a little embarrassed when Hiccup smiled gently and said, "We're not going to be enemies with Nina's country.

 I felt a pang in my chest, but I managed to calm myself down.

 I felt a pang in my chest, but managed to calm down.

Nina, you should break off your engagement with me.
"...... Why would you do that?
I killed a king to become king. I killed a king to become king. I don't know when I'll be overthrown in the same way. And I'm trying to reform this country. And that's going to cause a lot of resentment. I don't want to put Nina in that position.

 I think Master Hiccup is a sincere person.

 I think Master Hiccup is a sincere person. He is saying these words from his heart because he doesn't want to lie to me.
 I can tell that he is worried about me and that he is thinking about me. Thinking about it, even before the rebellion, Hiccup had said that he was willing to cut himself off.
 He's saying it might be better to break off the engagement for my sake.

 I understand that, but... But I still--


 I said.

 And then I look straight into Hiccup's eyes and tell him.

"I sent men to rebel against Hiccup. I'm already an accomplice. I have no choice but to stay out of it now that I'm involved.
 Besides, if I were to break off my engagement to Master Hiccup, he would be alone with all the hatred and other emotions he would receive from those around him. I don't want Hiccup to be alone.
 You're a king, you may not be alone to the outside world. But it seems like you're alone. I don't want you to be alone. I know you're thinking of me and telling me I should break off the engagement.
 But I want to live with you, even if you resent me, even if you have a hard time, I want to live with you and take it with you.

 ...... After I said these words, I felt ashamed that these words were like a marriage proposal.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.

"Well, Nina, you're still the same. You're going to have a hard time, aren't you?
"That's all right. I want to have a hard time with you, Hiccup! That's what I'm saying.

 When I said this, Hiccup smiled again and said.

"Thank you, Nina.

 Nina, thank you.

 --Princess goes to the King
 (The princess goes to her fiancé, who is now the king, and declares that she will bear his hardships.