287 Girl's 12th Birthday 1

 I woke up on my bed.
 I feel a warmth in my body and look to my side to see Yuyin and Rumieha crawling in.
 Oh, so soft. Touching them with both hands made me feel happy.

 Just as I got up from the bed, Yoo Yin and Rumiha were also awake and looking at me sleepily.

"Gurururu (morning?)

 They were so cute, I sat down and petted them.
 They are really cute and make me feel happy.

 It makes me happy to wake up in the morning with these two cute guys.

Good morning.

 The light coming in from outside the window reminds me that it's a beautiful day.
 I get out of bed with them and head for the living room. Mr. Ran is not there. I peeked into the room to see if he was still asleep, but he was gone.

 I wonder if he's out early in the morning.

 As I went out, I thought.

"Good morning. Lerunda. And congratulations.

 I was greeted by Mr. Ran smiling at me.

 Is Ms. Lan dressed up too? Instead of the usual researcher-style robe, she's wearing something like a beautiful dress.
 I wondered why she was dressed like that, but she continued.

Lerunda, did you not notice that today is your birthday?

 When Mr. Ran said that, I finally realized.
 Oh, so it's my birthday today.

Lerunda, let's get dressed up today. Lerunda, let's get dressed up today. It's your birthday, so let's have a big celebration.

 Mr. Ran said and pulled my hand.

 It seems that Ms. Lan has taken the trouble to dress up for my birthday. Mr. Ran took me to Mr. Zeshi's house. When we arrived at Zeshi's house, all the women were changing their clothes.

"Lelanda, good morning!
Lelanda, good morning.

 Kayu and Shinomi were also there.
 When they saw me, they immediately called out to me.

Good morning. Are you all dressed up?
"Yes. It's Lelanda's birthday today, and we all planned to dress up for the occasion!
 We can't wear the outfits we've made on this day, can we?

 Kayu smiled happily at my question.

 I knew that Saddha had come and opened a store, and that she was going to focus on clothing.
 In this village, there were no clothes other than normal clothes, but I knew that Sadda-san was making clothes that were different from normal clothes.

 But I wondered when I would wear it. I wondered.
 This time, on the occasion of my birthday, I heard that everyone was going to wear something different from their usual clothes, made at Ms. Saddha's initiative.
 Many of them wore pants so that they could jump out of the way in case of an emergency.

 Today's Kayu and Shinomi look different from usual, and I think they're cute.

Come on, Lelanda, let's be cute!
Lelanda, let's make you pretty!

 While they said that, I was made to sit in front of Zeshi.

 It seems that Zechariah is dressing up everyone. By the way, Saddha told me that in big cities, there are jobs that are just for dressing people up.
 In this village, it is the zeshi who fills the role of such jobs.

Lelanda, let's change into this.

 With a big smile on her face, Ms. Zesihi brought out a sky-blue dress with many lace and flower decorations.

I made this dress in sky blue because Lelanda is the divine child of the sky god.

 The sky-blue color also had a meaning.
 I love the clear sky. It makes me happy to think that I can wear that color.

 But when I see everyone in different clothes, I feel as if I've wandered into a different place.

 I wonder if I could transform myself into a different person if I wore this sky blue dress?
 It's a strange feeling to think that I might become something different.

 When I looked at the people around me, I saw that they were dressed differently than usual, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

 They were saying words like "pretty" and "beautiful" to each other, and the older people were dressed up in the same way.

 I did as Zechi did and changed into the sky blue dress.

 My hair is also different from usual, and Zechi-san puts it in a ponytail on the side.
 I have long hair, so it's fun to have different hairstyles, Zechariah said.

Let's put this on, too.

 As she said this, she put on a necklace with a small stone on it.

"And this?
Mr. Biller got it for Lelanda for her birthday. It seems that ore can be found in that area.

 Apparently, this is a present from Mr. Biller.
 I'll have to thank her later, I thought as I was dressed up by Zech and the others.

 --Girl's Twelfth Birthday 1

 (A Shinigami girl celebrates her twelfth birthday by dressing up.)