288 Girl's Terring Birthday 2

 I changed into a dress and headed to the square, where spirits were flying around as if to wish me a happy birthday.
 Gaius, Dong and the others also looked different from usual.

 Normally, they wear more comfortable clothes to make it easier for them to hunt, but today, the men were dressed in formal wear.
 Gaius is also wearing a black dress. Seeing Gaius in a different way makes me feel strange and excited.

"Gaius, you're so cool!
"......, what's with you all of a sudden?

 Gaius is cool.
 I said this because I honestly thought so, but Gaius turned away as if he was confused.
 But his ears and tail are twitching, so I don't think he's disgusted.

 If I stare at Gaius, he will turn to me.

"Lelunda looks good too. You look lovely.
"Thank you!

 Gaius called me cute! I was so happy.

 Saddha and the others had prepared this dress for me. It's always nice to be told that you look good in it.

Also, happy birthday, Lelunda.
Thank you.

 It was because I met everyone that I realized how happy and heartwarming it is to say happy birthday.
 I met you all because I met Gaius. When I think about it, my heart is filled with gratitude for Gaius.
 I'm twelve years old now.
 I was seven years old when I first met Gaius and the others, and now I realize that so much time has already passed.

 So many things have happened since the day we first met.
 I've met many people and had many experiences. I have been accumulating these encounters and experiences together with Gaius and his friends.

...... Thank you for everything, Gaius.
What's going on?
I'm sure I've come this far because I've been with Gaius and the others. It made me realize how lucky I am. That's why I thanked you.
"...... Well. Thank you too. I'm here now because I met Lelanda. I've been through some hard times, but I'm alive today because I met Lelanda.

 When I opened my mouth, Gaius also thanked me.

 For some reason, Kayu was sneaking a peek at our conversation. Why is she looking at me like she's hiding?
 I don't know, but Kayu often sneaks a peek when she sees me and Gaius talking. And he always looks happy.

Lan, you look great.
"Thank you very much. Thank you, Saddha.

 Saddha's eyes twinkled as she admired Ran's unusual attire.
 I thought it was nice that they were getting along so well, but Nilshi, who was standing nearby, seemed a little unhappy.

What's wrong, Nilsi? Is there something wrong?

 I asked, wondering if something bad had happened.
 After hearing my words, Nilshi said, "Nothing," and smiled as usual.
 He stroked my head and acted as if there was nothing to worry about.

 Nilusi then walked over to the cat beasts.
 I had been watching Ran and Saddha earlier, but I wondered if I should talk to Ran.

 I was thinking that.

"Master Lerunda!

 Mr. Ilum and Mr. Shehan came in.

 Mr. Ilum was in his usual priestly uniform. When I asked him if he didn't wear the same clothes as everyone else, he replied, "The priestly uniform is the formal attire. I asked her why she didn't wear the same clothes as everyone else.
 Mr. Ilm always talks long. Especially in response to my questions, if I ask one question, ten will be answered. Because he talks so fast, I often cannot understand what he says.
 However, Mr. Ilum does not seem to be offended by my inability to understand him.

 As for Mr. Sheehan, who is standing next to Mr. Ilum...

"You look beautiful, Sheehan.

 She was wearing a beautiful dress, just like us.

 Shehan has been taking off her armor and wearing feminine clothes from time to time since she confessed her love to Ilm. However, this was the first time for me to see her wearing a dress like this.
 Zechariah and the others probably put a lot of effort into dressing Ms. Sheehan up.

 Seeing her in a slightly revealing red dress makes me a little nervous.
 I'm sure she wore such a beautiful dress for Ms. Ilum, and I think that's what's so cute about Ms. Sheehan.

 It's not that I don't care if you want to pray for me, but I think you should look more closely at Sheehan, who is thinking about you ...... next to you.

"What do you think of Mr. Sheehan's outfit, Mr. Illume?
"Mr. Sheehan's outfit? Yes, I do. The only thing that bothers me is that it's too revealing, but I think it suits you very well and you look beautiful.

 ...... And when I asked her about it, she said those words without hesitation.
 This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your time and money.

 ---- girl's twelfth birthday 2

 (On the birthday of a girl who is a goddess, a goddess has a conversation with everyone.