289 Girl's Terring Birthday 3

 Mr. Ran said that today would be a day of celebration for me, a day for everyone to make some noise and celebrate.
 He said that they were going to take a day off from hunting and make it a special day.

 He asked everyone to wear something different from their usual clothes in order to make people realize that today was a special day.
 I wondered if it was okay to make my birthday such a special day. I wondered if it was appropriate to make my birthday such a special day, but since being a god child is such a special existence, it seems that it would be better to make such a day in order to make this place even bigger.

 He said that from now on, every year, my birthday would be a day like that.
 He said it would be like a holiday, like a festival day. By the way, calendars that show the date are also being spread by Ran's initiative.

 It seems that holidays differ from country to country.
 I've never been involved in such things in my life, but in this village, they have holidays for celebrating the resurrection of the spirits, singing events, and my birthday.

 I've never spent a day in such a beautiful dress before, and after breakfast, I'm wondering how I'm going to spend it.

 I relax in the square and watch the spirits frolicking around. The spirits are celebrating my birthday. I feel like it's a shame that not everyone can see this scene.

 In the center of the square, Fito-chan is dancing a beautiful dance.
 --She is not dressed in a dress. She was dressed not in a dress, but in a slightly more luxurious version of the traditional dress that she always wears.
 Ms. Ran said that Phyto didn't want to wear a dress, so that's how she dressed.

 But even so, Fito's dance, looking straight at me, is truly beautiful.
 --The spirits were also dancing around her.

 It seems that people of other races and winged ones are coming here later to congratulate me.
 It's kind of nice to be congratulated by so many people.

 In the past, no one wished me a happy birthday, but now so many people are wishing me a happy birthday. --I'm filled with such a feeling of happiness that this is now the norm.

 --I wonder how my sister is doing.
 I wonder how my sister is doing. I suddenly thought of this because I had asked Sadda-san about her last year. For me, my sister is a person near and yet far.
 She is my twin sister, whom I have never met or talked to.

"Lelanda, what's wrong?
"Nothing, nothing.

 I was in a daze when Gaius called out to me.

 When I looked ahead, I saw that Phyto's dance was over and Kayu was inviting Ririd to dance. Dancing is something that I learned from Ran and Saddha.
 They say that in big cities, men and women dance hand in hand.

 I think that Kayu is asking Ririd out because she likes him.
 Ririd is complaining, "Why am I dancing? But Kayu says, "I'm in! But Kayu said "I'm doing it!

 But Kayu said, "I'll do it!" and they danced together. They didn't learn how to dance properly, so they stepped on each other's feet, but they seemed to be having fun.

 As I stared at her, she seemed to think I wanted to dance.

Lerunda, do you want to try it? I don't know if I can dance well.

 Gaius said, extending his hand to me.
 Gaius' words made me think that dancing with Gaius would be fun! That's how I feel.

"Yes! I'll dance!

 I put my hand on Gaius' hand and danced with him.

 The first time I danced with Gaius, I stepped on his foot and it was awkward in many ways, but it was still fun to dance with him.

 Perhaps because Kayu and I started dancing, other people who were interested in the dance started dancing and singing.

 I couldn't help but enjoy it.

 They gave me presents for my birthday, and congratulated me a lot, so today was another happy day.

 I'm twelve years old now.
 Little by little, I'm getting closer to becoming an adult.

 Even though it doesn't look like I've changed that much since last year, I'm definitely becoming an adult little by little.

Gaius, keep up the good work.
What's wrong with you?
I just thought it would be nice to be together again.
Oh, yeah. Nice to meet you.

 Gaius smiled when I said that I hoped we could be together forever, even as we grew older.

 I wished that we could continue to spend happy days like this next year, and the year after that, and even further into the future, even if something changed.

 --A girl's twelfth birthday 3
 (The girl who is a godchild is feeling happy on her twelfth birthday)