290 A girl and a plan to head to the ruins 1

 Even though it's my twelfth birthday, my life hasn't changed in any way.
 I've had a happy birthday and I'm living my normal life again.

 But to the Gaius people I spend time with, I've grown up a lot.
 From my point of view, Gaius is changing from a boy to an adult.

"...... What's up, Lelunda?

 If I stare at Gaius, he will ask me.

"Gaius, you've grown up.

 As I say this, I try to reach for Gaius' head. But the difference in height between me and Gaius is much greater than it used to be.

 We used to be so close.

"Lelunda, what are you doing at ......?
The difference in height between me and Gaius is getting bigger.

 I'm wondering why Gaius is growing taller faster than I am growing taller.
 I wonder if Gaius will grow even taller. --Mr. Athos was tall, too. I wonder if Gaius will grow as tall.

Of course he will. I'm a man and Lelunda is a girl. Besides, Lelunda is younger than me.
"I see.

 After this conversation with Gaius, I decided to take the gryphons for a walk.

 I took Wannon and Yuyin and we went for a walk together. Of course, they would hunt some demons on the way and collect some fruits if they could.

 Gaius has changed into the form of a wolf. --In wolf form, Gaius runs in the sky. I sometimes ride on him.

 It was hard at first to ride on Gaius and fly.
 Gaius had never carried anyone in the sky before, and sometimes I almost got knocked off.

 But now, little by little, Gaius is able to run around with me.

 It's really nice to be able to fly while feeling Gaius' fluffy fur. I remember that Gaius was a little upset at first when I tried to lie down on his body. It's really nice and fluffy, by the way.

"Gah gah gah ...... (don't stroke it so much)
"Oh, I'm sorry. Gaius' fur feels so good.
"Gargling is fine when he's not flying.

 When Gaius is a wolf, he doesn't say anything when you stroke his fur.
 I'm glad I can pet Gaius in wolf form because he doesn't let me pet him when he's in human form.

Gaius is getting better at flying, isn't he?
GuruGuruGuruGuru (When I'm older, I'll let Lelanda ride me too)

 Wanong and Yuin are flying right beside us. Although Yu Ying is bigger than when we first met, she is still the smallest of the child gryphons and is not big enough for me to ride.

Yes, I'm looking forward to it.

 I'm glad that I can have more fun like this.

"Gahhhh, gahhhh, gahhhh, gahhhh, gahhhh.
"Did Gaius hear about it too? Did Gaius hear about going to the ruins?
"I happened to hear Mr. Lan and Mr. Dong talking.
"I see. I told Mr. Lan that I wanted to go to the ruins.
"Gah gah gah gah.
Yeah. He said I could go there after I've done some research. I'm looking forward to it.

 It seems that Mr. Lan and Mr. Dong are currently discussing how to carry out the survey of the ruins.
 They said that they would first make sure that there was no danger.

I want to go, too. I'll tell you.
"Yeah. It would be nice to go with you.

 I thought it would be fun to go with Gaius, to see new things with Gaius.

 I met Gaius and I've come this far.
 Because of Gaius, I've come this far.

 When I think about it, I am overwhelmed with the feeling that I love Gaius. I suddenly felt the need to express my overflowing feelings, so I opened my mouth while enjoying the fluffiness of Gaius in wolf form.

I love you, Gaius.
"I love you, Gaius.
"I love you, Gaius.

 I smiled and said that, but Gaius turned his head away from me.

Gaius? ...... Gaius, you're twelve years old, you shouldn't talk that lightly.
"Gaius?" " gaius (you're twelve, don't talk about it lightly like that)" "Why? You'll get the wrong idea.
"Misunderstanding ......?

 I'm not sure what the problem is, but I'm not sure what the problem is. I remember that Kayu and his friends talked about this before.

 If I ask them, will they tell me? I'll ask them.

 With these thoughts in mind, we returned to the village after gathering some fruits.

 --The Girl and the Plan to Head for the Ruins 1
 (In the village of a girl who is a godchild, a plan to go to the ruins is underway.