292 Preparing for The Spirit Festival with a Girl 1

What do you want me to do?
"Well, it's--

 Currently, we are preparing for a festival to celebrate the resurrection of the spirit tree and the spirits.
 The name of the festival has been changed to the Spirit Festival.

 It's strange to think that one year has already passed.

 When I told the spirits about the festival, they were so happy. Even now, they are happily playing around me. When I see the free spirits in this way, I feel that they are cute.

 It's more fun than anything to do something together like this.

 This year, we have more room in our lives than last year. Little by little, our lives are getting richer, more people are coming, and we are discovering new things.
 The decorations are more lavish than last year, and everyone is more enthusiastic. Of course, the elves are the most enthusiastic.

 It's only through the involvement of the spirits that we can see how excited they are. It makes me happy to see the normally calm and collected Sireva and the others so lively.

I'm glad that I can give her a chance to experience a spirit festival.
"Yeah, .......

 "I'm happy that she can experience the spirit festival," said Wetani, holding the almost one-year-old Enalei in her arms.
 The little baby was born in this village. I'm happy that the baby is growing up so fast.

 Last year, Enarei was still in Ms. Wetani's belly, and we were not able to enjoy the Spirit Festival.
 I guess that's why I'm smiling so much. When I first met Ms. Wetani, I didn't expect her to have this kind of expression on her face. I don't think I ever expected her to show me this kind of expression.

"Gah gah gah gah.
"Hmm, I'll go that way.

 Right now, I'm working with Gaius to decorate the spirit tree. We decided to decorate the tree and make it spectacular.
 By the way, the spirits and the elves agreed to decorate the tree. The spirits were like, "This is going to be fun! They seemed to think it would be fun.

 That's why I'm practicing my magic by making wings with magic and decorating them.
 Gaius is also practicing, floating in the air as a wolf and helping me with his mouth. Gaius has gotten used to flying, but floating and decorating is a bit difficult for him, so he often falls to the ground.
 The spirit tree is so large that other people decorate it by climbing on top of it.

 I've gotten used to making wings and flying in the air.

 We worked together to make these decorations. I'm not that handy, so some of the decorations turned out a little awkward, but the spirits were happy with them.
 Phyto and the knights from the Kingdom of Migga also helped me with the decorations. Mr. Villar and others also helped.

 With the decorations made by everyone, we all decorated this village in a gorgeous way. Even just doing so brings a smile to my face.

 If you look down, you will see that everyone is trying to decorate the houses, the ground, and everything else. It's a festival to entertain the spirits.

 Of course, we will not only decorate, but we will also sing to the spirits.
 I like to sing too, so I'm looking forward to it. Ran gave me some ideas for songs, and some people in the village who are good at music are writing new songs.
 --Some of the songs that are sung in this village are favorites of mine, and we all enjoy singing them together.

 It's fun and exciting to prepare for such things.

"Ga-ga-ga! (Lelanda!)
Oh, I'm sorry.

 While I was having fun and feeling excited, I was slowly dropping to the ground. I realized that I shouldn't think about anything else when I'm spreading my wings.

 Gaius carried me on his back, and I thanked him.

 After I finished decorating, I went to see Mr. Lan.
 Mr. Ran is in charge of the festival, or rather, he is in charge of organizing what needs to be done. He likes to record things, and is happy to record a lot.

 I went over to Mr. Lan and asked, "What can I help you with next? I asked him.

He said, "Well, I guess. Well, Sinorn and the others are discussing what kind of menu to serve at the festival, so why don't we go there and join them?
"Yeah. Okay. I'll do that. Where's Mr. Ran?
Me? ......? I'm not much of a cook, so I'm afraid I can't help you with the menu. ......

 Mr. Ran says this with a subtle look on his face.

But you know a lot of dishes, so if you like this kind of food, you can participate.
"Hmm. But that makes me want to try making it. Well, it might be a good idea to join in like that. I think I'll show up there later.
"Yeah. I'll be waiting.

 After such a conversation with Ran-san, I headed for Sinorn-san and the others.

 --The Girl and the Preparation for the Spirit Festival 1
 (A girl prepares for a spirit festival.)