293 Preparing for The Spirit Festival with a Girl 2

We have to make food that the spirits can enjoy.
Spirits don't eat food, do they? Is that so?
Of course. Spirits don't need to eat. They are special because they can live without food. But you can entertain them with your appearance.

 As I walked over to the people who were planning the menu, such a conversation was taking place.

 The spirits don't need to eat the food. All they need is magic, and with good magic, they can live. But they can enjoy the appearance of the food.
 The elves, who have a strong belief in spirits, want the spirits to enjoy the appearance of the food.

It's a good idea to entertain the spirits because it's a festival for them,......, but it's not just about entertaining the spirits, it's also about making sure the food tastes good to us.
Yes, but ......

 I'm sure you'll be able to figure out the best way to get the best out of this.

Oh, Lelunda.
It's Lelunda.

 Lerunda." "Lerunda, isn't it?

 Inside the house, they are discussing what to serve as the menu for the spirit festival. Surrounding the table are people of various races, beasts, elves, and races.
 Although the elves were the most enthusiastic, the other races were also discussing the matter seriously.

I'll help with the discussion.
"Okay. Well, please come this way.

 Mr. Sinorn said, pulling out a chair for me. We sat down on the chairs and started discussing what to cook for the Spirit Festival.

 The staple food of the beastmen is meat, but the spirits live with the elves, so perhaps a menu of wild vegetables would be better? 
 It's difficult to think of something that uses the bounty of the forest in abundance and that the spirits would enjoy.

 Recently, life in the village has become more relaxed, and the variety of meals is gradually increasing. Seasonings are being made, and everyone is working together to develop delicious food.
 We didn't care what we ate as long as we could eat it, but each of us has our own taste.

"What kind of food do you like, Lelanda?
"I think it's good to please the eye. "I think it's good to entertain people with our appearance, but the spirits always seem to be happy just because we're celebrating. I'm sure they'd be more than happy with something that tastes good to them.

 The spirits are always happy when we are having a festival, even if it's not a spirit-related festival. When we are laughing and having fun, the spirits are also wandering around as if they are having fun.
 When you think about it, not pursuing the taste of the food in order to make it more pleasing to the eye may cause the spirits to worry. If we ate it and looked like we didn't like it, they would be worried about us.

 More than anything else, I think that what we enjoy is what the spirits enjoy.

We can't see the spirits, so we don't know, but yes. Then we have to make sure we have fun.
It's natural for us to have fun, but since the festival is for the spirits, it's only natural to make it more fun for them.
That's true, but what exactly are we going to do to entertain them? Do you want to use some strange wild vegetables or something? If you want to make it visually pleasing, how about making it colorful?

 The spirits don't eat, but they still want to be able to entertain with their appearance.

If we want to have fun cooking, why don't we have a ...... cooking contest?

 When I thought about what we could enjoy and what the spirits could enjoy, I remembered what Saddha and the others had told me about the city.
 I heard that in the city they have various competitions.

 I heard that in the city, they have competitions where everyone does something on the same subject.

I thought it would be fun for the spirits and I to be on the judging panel. ......

 I've been listening to Saddha and the others talk about it, and the competition sounds like a lot of fun.
 Everyone responded to my words.

"A cooking competition? That sounds like fun.
"Of course, I'll cook regular food, but I think it would be nice to have a competition and have everyone eat together. The spirits love festivals.
That's right. The spirits love to make noise, so I'm sure they'll enjoy it. However, I think we should decide who will be the judges for the cooking contest. You can't make enough food for everyone. Or we could take it in turns to judge everyone. That way, we can entertain the spirits there. Of course, we need to entertain the spirits with regular food as well. ......

 I was pleased to see that everyone nodded in agreement to my suggestion.
 I was afraid I wouldn't be able to help with the menu discussion.

 The elves were excited to participate in the cooking competition.
 Maybe I'll join them with Kayu and Shinomi. I should invite them, I thought.

 --The Girl and the Preparation for the Spirit Festival 2
 (The girl who is a Shinigami proposes to have a cooking contest at the Spirit Festival)