294 Girl and The Second Spirit Festival 1

"We will now begin the Spirit Festival. Everyone, let's have fun today.

 It was an Elven woman named Melhilde who gave the opening speech.

 The elves had put more effort into the preparations for the festival than anyone else.

 After the opening greeting, Sireva gave a few words of praise to the spirits and explained what a spirit is.

The spirits are very special to us. We are happy that these spirits, who at one time were unable to speak to us, have been resurrected and that we are able to hold this festival.

 That's how Shillelagh's story begins.
 How wonderful the existence of spirits is. How special the existence of spirits is.

 That's what Ms. Sireva said.

 We listened in silence as she spoke.
 The spirits were flying around happily, and I felt a little disappointed that only a limited number of people could see them.

 After the opening speech under the spirit tree, the cooking contest was scheduled to begin. Incidentally, although there will be a cooking contest, there will also be separate meals available, which can be taken and eaten freely.

 I will be participating in the cooking contest with Kayu and Shinomi, and will also be singing at night to please the spirits.
 This is my first time participating in a cooking contest, so I'm nervous about whether I'll do well.

 Kayu and Shinomi have worked hard to come up with this dish. I've been very careful not to show the spirits my dish until the competition, but I wonder if they'll be happy with it.

 But I think it doesn't matter if we don't win. I don't know, just being able to participate in a cooking competition like this is fun for me. The whole thing, including practicing cooking with Kayu and Shinomi to participate in the cooking competition, was fun and a precious time for me.

I've decided to participate in ......, but I'm not sure what will happen.
"Don't worry, Lan. I'll help you.
...... Thank you. Fredale. I'll do my best.

 By the way, Ran and Fredale, who is a cat beast, are going to participate in the competition.
 Ran is not a good cook, but since there is a cooking contest, she decided to participate.

 Incidentally, most of the participants in the cooking contest are elves. This is because the elves have a special feeling for the spirits and want to please them more than anyone else.

 The judges for the cooking contest are elves who do not participate in the contest, including Sireva, and Dong.

 Freneh is supposed to tell everyone if the spirits are happy or not. She can also make herself visible to the others.

I can't wait to see what the food will be like.

 Fresne smiled happily as she did so.
 The spirits were moving around her. I can't wait to see what kind of food will be served.

 Wetani-san was also there with Enarei, and she was smiling calmly.
 By the way, there are a few people in this village who are pregnant. They are expecting another new life within this year.
 I can't help but look forward to that too.

 Enarei is still small, but I wonder what she will be like when she grows up. A small child grows up and becomes an adult. ...... I think it's strange and amazing.
 I've known them since they were born, so I'm even more excited to see how they grow up.

Lerunda, let's get ready.
Lelanda, let's have a good time at the cook-off.

 While I was thinking about Enarei, Kayu and Shinomi came to my side.

 They were wearing white aprons because they were participating in a cooking contest. This apron was provided by Saddha's store. All participants in the cooking contest are required to wear the same apron.

 I also wore the apron given to me by Shinomi.

 The place for cooking was a simple cooking area in the square set up for this event. The ingredients were prepared by the participants themselves, either by hunting or purchasing them in advance. There were seven groups participating in the cooking contest.

 The children's group consisted of myself, Kayu and Shinomi.
 Ran's and Fredale's group.
 The other five groups are the elves. Some of them participated alone, others in pairs.

 Incidentally, Ms. Wetani is sitting at the judges' table.

 Phyto and Bira are also here because it is a festival, but they are watching us as spectators.

 Phyto said that she was going to perform a dance at night, and that people from other ethnic groups were also going to dance and sing to dedicate it to the spirits.
 The villagers were not doing anything, but they were watching Doanea who was standing beside me.

 At the cooking contest, we were supposed to take turns cooking, and it would be a little while before we and Ran would be able to participate.

 Even though Ran-san was about to participate in the cooking contest, he was writing something on his desk, "I have to record this festival! Ran, you should concentrate on the cooking contest. ......

 --The Girl and the Second Spirit Festival 1
 (In the village of a girl who is a godchild, the second spirit festival begins.