295 Girl and The Second Spirit Festival 2

Please take this. Spirit-sama.

 When the elves presented the food to the spirits, the spirits drifted around them happily. Seeing the joy of the spirits, the elves were beaming with joy.
 Seeing the spirits happy like this makes me happy too.

 Since the spirits didn't eat, the judges enjoyed the meal.
 Many of the dishes prepared by the elves were colorful and beautiful in appearance. The elves are herbivores, so their dishes were almost meatless.

 By the way, Villers eat meat, but they also like nuts and fruits. I remember Ran talking happily about how different races like different foods.

It's not only delicious, but it also looks like something that would please a spirit.

 With these words, the judges' faces were beaming. I was told that the rest of the judges could have some of the leftovers as well, so I was allowed to have some as well, but it was delicious.

 The food had been seasoned with seasonings made in the village, and had a different taste from the usual food. This must have been the result of trial and error for the spirits in the cooking contest.

It's delicious.
It's delicious.
Let's try to be as good as them.

 Kayu, Shinomi, and I say to each other, "This is delicious.
 Kayu, Shinomi, and I say to each other, "Let's try to be as good as the others.

 I can't help but think it's fun to be able to spend time together like this, talking and having fun.

...... Sorry, sorry. Freddale. I don't know, it doesn't look very good at all.
It's okay, Lan. It's okay, Ran. It's still edible.
I don't feel like I'm being complimented. ....... Still, it's better than doing it alone.

 It's not as if I'm complimenting you.

 It was a strange dish, with a bit of charring and colors that I had never seen before.

 But the spirits seemed to be jumping around happily, as if to say, "It looks interesting. They don't eat the food, so even if it looks a little strange, it's okay as long as they can enjoy its appearance.

Please eat. If you don't like it, please leave it!
It's okay. "Don't worry, Ran, it's made with edible ingredients.

 While saying this, Ran brought the dish to the judges.
 Just by looking at it, you can't tell what ingredients were used. The judges ate the dish. They have a difficult look on their faces.

 I wondered what it tasted like, so I decided to eat the rest of the dish, which not many people wanted to try.

 Kayu and Shinomi were saying, "Oh, don't do that," but it was something that Ran and the others had made.


 It tasted strange, and the moment I ate it, it tasted strange.
 But it didn't give me a bad feeling at all, so I could eat it. I don't think I'll get sick to my stomach.

 If it were, I would have a bad feeling about it. It tastes strange, but I can eat it. It was that kind of dish.

"Lelunda, are you sure you can eat that much?

 One of the judges, an elf, asked me that. The part I ate didn't taste that strange, but when I asked him to try it, he said it tasted different from the part he had eaten before.

 I wonder if this is part of the "godson" effect.
 I feel that I am protected by God.

 Even in the simplest and smallest things, I realize that God is watching over me, and that is why I am alive as I am.

 I feel gratitude to God for these small things.
 I prayed again in my heart, expressing my gratitude to God. I am going to pray at the altar as well.

"Well, we're next!
"Let's do our best. Kayu, Lelanda.
Yes. Let's go.

 Finally, it was our turn.

 The cooking competition makes me nervous, but I'll do my best to cook.

 We've gathered a variety of meat, wild vegetables, and other colorful things. When we thought about what to use as the main dish, we decided to use meat as the main dish because I, Kayu, and Shinomi love meat.

 And since the elves mainly eat wild vegetables, we decided to have meat as our main dish.

 We roast the meat and make it look like a face. We made it look like a face of a human, a beast, or a spirit by using wild vegetables. I thought such a dish would be good, and after discussing it with Kayu and Shinomi, we came up with such a dish.

 As I talked with Kayu and Shinomi, I made the dish.
 The spirits were delighted when they saw the dish. They flew around me happily, and Fresne even said, "That's interesting.

 I was so happy that I smiled along with them.

 I was so happy that everyone on the judging panel also said it was delicious.

 Unfortunately, I didn't win, but it was still fun to participate in the cooking competition.

 ---- The Girl and the Second Spirit Festival 2
 (A young girl participates in a cooking contest.)