296 Girl and The Second Spirit Festival 3

 After the cooking competition is over, I'm sitting in the square, relaxing.
 As I sip on a glass of sweet fruit juice, I look around.

"Great job!
We are the pride of the elves.

 The elf who won the cooking competition is surrounded by many people.
 In the center of the crowd, an Elven woman whose expression doesn't change much is surrounded by spirits with a proud look on her face.

What's with the food you just cooked, Lan?
I'm sure you'll understand. It was the best I could do.
"Nilshi, stop making fun of Ran. You two are so close.

 Nilusi and Ran are talking to each other, mixed in with the other beastmen.

I can't see the spirits, but the cooking contest is interesting. Maybe I'll try it next time.
"I'm sure Master Phyto will make a wonderful dish.

 Phyto-chan murmured that she would like to participate in the cooking contest next year, and the people of the tribe smiled at her.
 Fito-chan has become a "Knight of the Divine Child" and is still considered special among the people, but the distance between them is getting closer and thicker.

"Dear Doonea, our God is shining today: ......!
"Of course. I shine brighter than the spirits!
"You guys, today is the celebration of the spirits.

 As usual, Biller and his friends are praising Doonair, but Doonair is being irreverent, and the elves are taking notice.

I'm not here now. I thank the gods for my good fortune to be here now.
"...... Illume, calm down.

 I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I'm here.

 It's a great way to get to know the people in your area. I thought that fact was very enjoyable.

"Guru guru guru guru.
"Hee hee, this is delicious.

 The gryphons and Sipho came to my side as I was watching the festival by myself, filled with a feeling of fun.

 Luma and Lema are happily stomping their feet and circling around where I'm sitting. When I reach out my hand to pet them, they stop and quietly let me pet them.

 Sifo dexterously brings me my food with a handle in her mouth.

"Thank you, Sifo.

 When I ate the food Sifo brought me, it was delicious and made me smile.

 I love this festival because it's fun to have fun and make noise with everyone.
 I love this festival because everyone is having a good time and everyone is smiling, which makes me smile as well.

 After a while of relaxing, it was time to sing and dance to the spirits.
 The elves were more enthusiastic than anyone else. Seeing the elves with such enthusiasm makes me think that it's a good idea to hold this spirit festival.

 I'm also a little nervous because I'm supposed to sing a song to the spirits. I've sung in singing competitions before, but singing in front of people still makes my heart tremble a little. Still, I think I can sing in front of my favorite people.

 My aunt once told me that there was a profession where you could sing in front of more people, and I realized that people who sang in front of countless people were amazing.

 The elves first sang a song in praise of the spirits. The beauty of their voices gives comfort to those who listen.
 The spirits fly around the singing elves. For the elves who can see the spirits, it would be distracting to be flown in front of them, but the elves finish the song.
 In fact, they seemed to be proud that the spirits were flying around them.

 The number of songs in praise of the spirits has increased over the past year. The number of songs in praise of the spirits has also increased over the past year, as songs have been written by elves who were impressed by the revival of the Spirit Tree and the spirits' vigorous flight.
 Among the songs performed this time, there were some I did not know.

 I was surprised and amused at the same time that there were still songs I didn't know, even though I had heard many songs about spirits from the elves.

 As the number of people in this village has increased, the number of things I don't know about this village has also increased.
 I feel sad about that, but I also think it's interesting to learn about the things I didn't know.

"Another new song.
Gaius has never heard it before?
Yeah. Yeah, I don't know that song either. It's amazing how you keep singing one song after another. ......
Yeah. So many spirits flying around, so much concentration.
"Oh, really?

 He and Gaius were standing next to each other, watching the elves singing.

 This year they were very enthusiastic, and their costumes were prepared for the spirit festival. Unlike the cooking contest, they were wearing flashy costumes that the spirits would love.

 Just looking at her outfit makes me excited.
 It's a great way to get the most out of your time with your family.

 ---- Girl and the Second Spirit Festival 3
 (The girl who is a goddess listens to the elves sing)