297 Girl and The Second Spirit Festival 4

 After the elves, a variety of songs and dances were offered to the spirits.
 Among them, Phyto-chan and the people of the tribe were the most refined in their movements. Fito's dance is very beautiful.

 Phyto-chan was gradually learning to use her power.
 I wonder if she is now dancing in the hope of giving happiness to those who are watching - my heart is beating somewhere when I watch her.

 A beautiful dance, a dance that inspires those who see it.
 What a wonderful ability, I think.

 Combined with the unique costumes of the tribespeople, the dance seems even more special.

 Even though Phyto-chan and the others cannot see the spirits, I think it's amazing that they can make them so happy.

 They also sang songs for the daughters of the gods, and songs that have been handed down from generation to generation.

 I can't help but think what a joyous, dreamlike time it was.

 Then it was my turn to sing to the spirits.
 In my case, it was not a song dedicated to the spirits, but rather a song that I wanted to play with the spirits and for them to enjoy.

 When the spirits feel like it, they will join in with my singing.

 I stand in the center of the square, hoping to motivate the spirits. Frené is going to sing with me, by the way.

 Frené is making herself visible to everyone, and says, "I'll do my best to sing.

 And so the song begins, mine and Frené's.
 A song we sing together. --It's a song that the elves wrote for us. It's a song written by the elves for the spirits to enjoy, for the spirits to mix with.

 Let's play together.
 It is a song to be sung with such feelings.

 At first, the spirits just flew around me and Fresne.
 But as the song continued, one or two more spirits started to join in. The spirits joined in the song, using magic to move the earth.

 Seeing them flying around happily made me feel much more happy.

 Rather than trying to sing well or anything like that, Fresne and I spun our song with the intention of enjoying this time of playing with the spirits.

 And then the song ended.

 It must have been quite a long song, but perhaps because it was such a fun time, it went by in a flash.

 At the end of the song, everyone clapped their hands. Everyone with a smile on their face said, "That was good.

 I was so engrossed in singing the song as if I were playing with the spirits that I was not aware of the people who were watching me as an audience.

 Feeling a little embarrassed, I smiled and said, "Thank you.

 The beastmen sang a song after that.
 It was a song about gryphons, but the spirits seemed to be enjoying it.

 The villagers seemed to be interested only in Doornea, and did not perform any songs dedicated to the spirits. I wondered what kind of songs and dances the villagers were doing. Or do they not sing?

 If we could get to know them better, would we be able to learn their songs?

 Mr. Illume was reading a scripture.
 ...... Incidentally, this scripture seems to be one that Mr. Ilum is working on. He says he's working on a Bible that honors me, not an existing one. ...... Yes, I wonder what he's doing, but if he wants to do it, I don't think I can stop him, so I just let it be.

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm not sure what to do. If he's about to go out of control, people around him will stop him. I'm also watching to make sure that Mr. Illume doesn't behave in a troubling manner.

 The time we spent singing and dancing was fun and went by quickly.

 It's amazing how quickly time flies when you're having fun. It's so fast that you wonder if it's really the same time.

 But I hope that this blink-and-you'll-miss-it time will pass forever and ever.

Lerunda, this is fun! "Lernda, this is fun! A spirit festival is a good thing.
"Yes, it is. Yes, Mr. Ochasio.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

It's nice to be able to celebrate with the spirits again this year.
"You seem to be having more fun than usual, Shillelagh.

 "You seem to be having more fun than usual," Sireva said with a deep feeling in her voice.

"Did my dance reach the spirits?
"Don't worry, she seemed to be enjoying herself.

 Phyto is wondering if the spirits enjoyed it.

If we're going to have a festival to celebrate the spirits, shouldn't we have a festival to celebrate our god?
"Doanea's festival: ......? I'll have to talk to Ran-san about that.

 Mr. Villar said he would like to have a festival about Doornea.

 After the cooking contest and the singing, there will be free time. We can eat, drink, and be merry.

 Everyone laughed, and the second spirit festival came to a close.

 --The Girl and the Second Spirit Festival 4
 (The curtain closes on the second spirit festival of a girl who is a child of the gods)